Monday, July 2, 2012

Tea Religion

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I was really waiting for Tea Religion to open since I pass by the place almost everyday on my way to school and work. And I got really excited when I saw it open up last week. So, we decided to head to Tea Religion a while ago after our responsibilities.

We got even more excited when we saw CupcaKen cupcakes on display. I thought of eating something yummy earlier and a red velvet CupcaKen cupcake appeared in front of me. How can I resist?

We got ourselves a large mint milk tea for P80, a medium green honeydew milk tea for P70, and cookies n' cream and red velvet cupcakes for P55 each. They also have other teas which are served hot and cold. You can choose the sweetness levels, as well. So make sure that you do inform the attendants what you want.

Tea is instant wisdom.

Their mint milk tea is probably one of the most interesting milk teas I've tried so far. It has a minty kick to the drink that would make you want to drink the entire drink. I could imagine myself having that tea during a long hot afternoon especially if you just want to feel cool and fresh. Their honeydew is just as sweet as I want it to. Their pearls are also soft and sweet which we both like.

As usual, the cupcakes were as yummy as they were back in the CupcaKen branch in Banawa. It was just so good and sweet. Every bite is just filling and it makes you want more. The boyfriend kept mentioning the cupcakes even hours after we ate them. That's how much he loves CupcaKen.

Tea religion is reasonably priced. Their cups have interesting designs and I love it. Their service is good, as well. They also have nice interiors. I do have a problem of getting to the place though from school (UP). I have to walk from IT Park just to get there. However, getting a few minutes walk might just do me good. Teehee!


Mustachio said...

Another milk tea place! ....I don't know what to think... hehehe but it's good to know they have Cupacaken cupcakes, now I can try them since Banawa is too far for me :-D

Ana Ortiz said...

@I know! Milk tea places are like mushrooms! You should give the place a try. The cupcakes taste like heaven. ;)

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