Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poppy Coffee & Cupcakes

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It's funny that the boyfriend and I were like tourists during our short trip in Dumaguete City. Although I've been to Dumaguete countless of times, since my folks are currently living in Bayawan City, I've never been really knowledgeable with the streets in Dumaguete. So, when we spotted this little poster on the street that has cupcakes on it, I bugged my friend Nikki to take us there.

Poppy's is a dainty cafe at Silliman University's West Portal. You'll immediately see it before SU's entrance. They had a really nice and comfortable interior, which makes it great for students. A single cupcake at Poppy's costs P35. This is still more affordable compared to the usual cupcakes here in Cebu. Poppy's cupcakes reminded me of SLT's, which is by far my favorite. They have a  number of different cupcakes available and their presentation was similar to that of SLT's.

We chose the blueberry and red velvet, which are our favorite flavors. Their cupcakes are really cute and looked so yummy. Poppy's cupcakes taste really good. However, it wasn't enough to wow me. It tastes good but not as good as the other cupcakes I've tried. Their icing is sweet and is just right. I think it would be best if the cupcakes were served chilled. Nevertheless, I like their cupcakes. It's really good for its price. 

Unfortunately, the thing with Poppy's is that don't have their own toilet. You would have to climb up to West Portal's second floor to pee. It's a bit of hassle, to be honest, but it's better than nothing. Overall, Poppy's is a really interesting and nice cafe. Their staff is friendly and accommodating. I'll try to visit Poppy again next time I'm back in the city. Hopefully not when I'm too full to splurge on some sugar. Maybe, next time. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Heart Tea

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I've mentioned in a previous post that Heart Tea was expecting a new change. So about a month ago, Frank of Heart Tea invited me and the boyfriend for their relaunching at GILT. There were also other bloggers and people from the media who were invited for the event. I was pretty much excited for this relaunch since Heart Tea will be re-branding and they will offer new flavors. Yay!

GILT is a really pretty and interesting place. The boyfriend and I were conversing about the decors and design. We both love vintage items and decors and the place was filled with them. We couldn't help but take pictures of their interesting knickknacks here and there. Their food was also yummy! During the relaunch I met JM of Big Food (now my Tasteful Life), along with other bloggers in Cebu.

free milk tea at GILT

vintage cash register ♥

Frank announced that Heart Tea is already offering new popping bobbas to add to their menu. They have cranberry, blueberry, mango, and orange among other bobbas. We were given samples of the popping bobbas and I tell you, they were yummy. I love the blueberry popping bobba with the wintermelon. Frank also mentioned they have other flavors, like caramel and others, which are still on the way.

A few days after the relaunch, the boyfriend and I visited Heart Tea in IT Park and I really like their new stall. The boyfriend and I both got wintermelon (Yay!) with different sinkers. I got the cranberry bobbas, since they don't have the blueberry. The boyfriend, on the other hand, got his orange popping bobbas. Cranberry gives you a fruity pop, which I really like. I think it works well with the wintermelon and is not that overpowering. The orange is also interesting and the boyfriend really enjoyed his share of milk tea. The orange bobbas had a tangy flavor after every pop, which would definitely make you feel alive.

Heart Tea's new stall. :D

PS. I would like to thank Frank and Heart Tea for the GCs we got during the relaunch. I'm hoping to try their new flavors with my GCs. Yay! I'm planning on experimenting on the new bobbas with my favorite Heart Tea milk teas. Can't wait for the caramel. ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet Indulgence and Bubble Pop

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Being travelers in Dumaguete City, the boyfriend and I were looking for some affordable treats. So, we went to Lee Plaza where you can find a milk tea place in Dumaguete. Unfortunately  we didn't really know the exact location of the cart so we went through every floor before we realized that it's probably near the grocery.

So, we did find Bubble Pop at the lower ground floor of Lee Plaza along with the other food carts. We were also surprised to find a cupcake stall, Sweet Indulgence, there. Unfortunately, there weren't chairs. You would have to stand up and place your food and drinks in a high table while eating.

Bubble Pop is really affordable, unlike most milk tea shops here in Cebu. They also have limited flavors, which isn't really a big deal. The boyfriend and I got honeydew and wintermelon milk tea for P48. Just P2 cheaper than Heart Tea's. Their milk tea was good but not really that good enough for you to rave. However, I think it's okay for the price that you are paying. I also noticed that they were using powdered milk teas more, instead of syrup, which probably is the reason why it wasn't that good.

red velvet and tiramisu.

wintermelon and honeydew.
Sweet Indulgence was also shockingly affordable. Every cupcake costs P25, which is half the price of the usual cupcakes here in Cebu. I tell you, the boyfriend and I went on sugar high because all the sweet goodies were budget-friendly. We ordered red velvet and tiramisu from Sweet Indulgence and paired it with our milk teas. I really love the icing on top of the red velvet. It was sweet and yummy. The boyfriend, however, found it to be overpowering. Their tiramisu was also good and soft. I like the the texture of the cupcake. Their cupcakes were really good enough for their price. However, they're not really something that I would rave about.

I definitely enjoyed our short food trip in Dumaguete. Unfortunately we were a bit limited with funds and time so we weren't able to look for more cheap finds in the city. The boyfriend and I are planning to have another food trip in the city soon, when budget permits. Dumaguete is definitely more affordable compared to the usual restaurants and shops in Cebu, which makes it great for foodies like us. ;)