Friday, April 26, 2013

OT: Jelly Citea

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I know you guys are well-aware of my love for milk tea. So, here’s another milk tea place that you should try. The boyfriend and I are in love with Jelly Citea. This tea shop is located in Raintree Mall. Don’t feel intimidated by the number of students in the place, because I think this proves that they got really good milk tea.

sort of pay-as-you-use computers inside.
When we first went there, Jelly Citea was so packed that we had to sit outside. We didn’t mind really since we were just passing by. Those who want to hang out with friends inside might want to drop by around night time or weekends where there are fewer people.

We got Paris (P90), as this was suggested by the attendant, and passion fruit milk tea (P70), my favorite tea flavor. I was a bit hesitant to try Paris despite the persuasive words of the Jelly Citea attendant, so I just picked a refreshing drink for that day. I had a bad experience with another shop so I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea. However, I was disappointed I didn’t listen to her. Paris was definitely good and is currently one of our new milk tea faves. Wintermelon blended perfectly with the cream cheese on top of the tea. The taste was just amazing. Their passion fruit milk tea was also good and very refreshing.  It was just like how passion fruit is supposed to be. But, it wasn’t as yummy as Paris.

On our next trip, we tried Tokyo (P90) which is another bestseller. This was matcha milk tea with cream cheese on top. It’s very green tea-ish and the flavor is really there. However, green tea with cream cheese isn’t really a good mix. Both were too strong for each other and wasn’t really a good combination. Other people might beg to differ, but it’s really not my cup (or plastic) of tea.

their loyalty card.

I’m definitely looking forward to drop by Jelly Citea next time, and I also got their loyalty card. I’m glad that it’s conveniently located on the way to my office and too bad for the boyfriend who lives an island away. I fancy sipping on Paris. Maybe I will indulge myself on Monday. ;)