Thursday, June 28, 2012

Heart Tea (♥ Tea)

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After iTea, we were on our way to grab something to eat in Ayala. However, we passed by another (yes, another) tea place in IT Park. It was a lucky day and we even chanced a friend across the street. He eventually paid for our drinks so it was great. Thanks, Pol! ;)

Heart Tea (♥ Tea) is a small stall that you can find beside Krispy Kreme in IT Park. They're always packed with people and customers. I think they really should consider getting a bigger space. 

Anyway, they offer a wide variety of teas. They have milk tea, fruit-flavored tea, fruit juice, and healthtea drinks. What sparked my interest was their basil drink. It looked interesting and they said it was also healthy. Unfortunately, I wasn't quite in the mood for another drink since we just finished drinking from iTea.

It was just a bit sad that they were out of wintermelon for that day. So, we just opted for the next thing which was tapioca. I wasn't really such a big fan of their flavors but that one was pretty good. I did like their pearl which was softer than others. The boyfriend did like their milk tea and he was raving how nice and soft their pearls were.


Mustachio said...

Did you try their popping yogurt pearl? I couldn't taste the yogurt in it heheheh :-)) On the plus side for lazy butts: they can deliver your drink (but maybe around IT Park only).

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: I didn't know that they deliver milk tea. I should really try that soon. I haven't tried their popping yogurt pear. Glad you warned me already. Will try their bestsellers soon when I get to drop by. :)

married & doing business said...

Hi! I would like to invite to come by again. so at least you could give our tea a fair review. It'll be worth your while. Bring your friend mustachio. It'll be on me. Hope to see you soon. frank :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@married & doing business: Shall I call you Frank? Wow! Srsly? Thanks so much for the invite! Will definitely tag him along and I hope to meet you there! :)

Thanks by the way for dropping by!

married & doing business said...

Sure. U can txt me if u have plans of coming by. Id suggest sometime next week cause some of our inventory is not available due to manila flooding. but txt me anytime... 09224740777. frank :)

Corn Kernel said...

I have tasted one from a stall at IT Park and it was really good. Though, I forgot the flavor since it was my friend who bought it. Wondering what flavor it was.... hmmm.

Ana Ortiz said...

@Corn Kernel: Maybe it was Wintermelon or Tapioca. Those are their bestsellers. I'm currently in love with their passion fruit tea.

Thanks for dropping by. ;)

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