Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tea & Symphony

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A lot of my friends have been to Tea & Symphony. However, I wasn't able to visit the place. When Justinne of Babe for Food suggested the place to me, I knew I had to try the place.

We didn't really plan on going there and we just thought of it out of the blue. Nevertheless, we were really happy for doing that impromptu date. Anyway, I also have to ask sorry for the pictures since I only had an SLR with me that day with only a couple of shots left.

I was really surprised to see that Tea & Symphony had a big space for customers. They had a number of tables and chairs that were enough for many customers. I really like the place and they also had books that you can read inside. Yay to that!

So we got panda milk tea (P85), Hokkaido milk tea (P75), hash browns (P35), and fries (P50). The panda milk tea was a mash-up drink out of their Tea & Symphony milk tea plus black and white tapioca pearls which gives it an interesting look. Their milk tea options, like Hokkaido, didn't have any sinkers, so you'll have to add them to your drink. The boyfriend got aloe vera since it seemed interesting.

hash brown and fries (in the little basket), panda, and Hokkaido.

my treat for the night: hash brown and panda. ♥

Their tea is really good and it's not the usual overly sweet that you'd get from other tea shops. All I could say is it really changed the way I see sweetness. We both had 100% sweetness which was just normal. It was definitely good. I though that my drink wouldn't taste good if it wasn't too sweet, but I was wrong. I also like how soft and chewy the tapioca pearl were. They weren't as sweet and chewy as Bubble Bee's, but it was good enough. The aloe vera sinker was also yummy. It was unique and it added a great kick to the drink.

I really like the fact that Tea & Symphony also had food served. I will vouch for their fries and hash browns. They probably have one of the best hash browns I've tasted, next to McDonald's. It was just fried the way I wanted it to. Their fries were also fried beautifully and had the distinct salt and pepper taste to it. 

Tea & Symphony is officially among my top list for bubble tea. They really have yummy and unique teas that make you want for more. My only issue is it's location. It's a bit far from school, work, and even from my home. I wish they have a more convenient location. However, I'd be willing to go there just for a cup of tea. ;)

Cool greetings in many languages. :)

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