Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Leona's Cupcakes

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Who doesn't love Leona's? If you're craving for some sweets and pastries, Leona's got them. It's one of my favorite bakeshops in town.

Leona's red velvet cupcake is something that I, personally, really love. It's my sort of happy food. When I feel like there's a need of getting a shoot of happiness into my system, I grab a cupcake. I would instantly feel great right away. It's perfect for the cold weather along with Sola or some hot milk tea or  hot chocolate.

I've been frequenting Leona's branch at J Centre Mall since it's very convenient. You can also choose to have your cupcake and coffee inside. There aren't much people there so it suits my comfort zone really well. 

Their cupcakes only cost P50. It's affordable and you get yummy cupcakes that will instantly make you feel better. There are other cupcakes like cookies and cream, minty chocolate, and carrot cupcake among others. However, I always stick to my red velvet. I'm a faithful fan. LOL.