Thursday, June 7, 2012

Heaven in CupcaKen

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It was a surprise date that led to loving my new cupcake haven, CupcaKen.
I fell in love with the shop the first time I laid my eyes upon the shop. It’s not as quirky as my taste permits me, though. The place is a bit sophisticated but has cute cupcakes all over. Their interior is mostly white which makes it look really clean and nice.

There were A LOT of cupcakes available. I was really feasting my eyes on all of the cupcakes available on the shelves. I could really live in CupcaKen and be surrounded with pretty cupcakes.
We got red velvet, mango float, mint chocolate, and choco marshmallow to curb our sugar hunger. Each cupcake costs P55. They also have drinks like coffee, iced teas and other beverages available. 

I really love their cupcakes. They are all delicious. The cupcakes were soft enough for me and the icing was just perfect. Their red velvet is one of the best that I’ve tried so far. Their mint chocolate and choco marshmallows both are choco moist, which I really like. The minty icing is not as minty as I want it, though but it was good enough. The mango float cupcake has an interesting taste, especially the icing. It’s a noteworthy cupcake that you should try. I like choco marshmallow less of all the cupcakes we’ve had.

choco marshmallow and choco mint

mango float and red velvet

I think CupcaKen is a great place for those who want to study and have a dose of sweets on hand.  The place was quiet when we went there. I think it’s really conducive to studying compared to those packed coffee shops, unless you prefer the noise. They also have wi-fi in the area.

I would definitely come back and eat more of CupcaKen next time. It really is worth all the hassle and distance. I wouldn’t mind going there if ever I need the urge to eat some of their cupcake.

*photos taken by me and Paw*


Anonymous said...

Hi! :)

Where is this located? Where exactly is R. Duterte St.? What barangay or what landmarks can help us locate this place? I have a sweet tooth myself so would love to check this out. :)

Ana Ortiz said...


Hello! :)

I don't really know the exact street name. I think it's in Banawa. But, you can pass by the place when you are riding 12L from Ayala. It's on the right side of the road and a few meters away from that place where Convergy's Banawa is.

If it's a bit confusing, hit me an e-mail and I'll try my best to answer your questions. :)

Thanks! :D

Mustachio said...

Yumm. The cupcakes look delicious! :-P~~

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: They really are yummy! You should try the place soon! ;)

Cupcaken Cebu said...

Try to visit our facebook page too!

we also have a twitter account @CupcakenCebu

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