Thursday, December 27, 2012

Poppy Coffee & Cupcakes

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It's funny that the boyfriend and I were like tourists during our short trip in Dumaguete City. Although I've been to Dumaguete countless of times, since my folks are currently living in Bayawan City, I've never been really knowledgeable with the streets in Dumaguete. So, when we spotted this little poster on the street that has cupcakes on it, I bugged my friend Nikki to take us there.

Poppy's is a dainty cafe at Silliman University's West Portal. You'll immediately see it before SU's entrance. They had a really nice and comfortable interior, which makes it great for students. A single cupcake at Poppy's costs P35. This is still more affordable compared to the usual cupcakes here in Cebu. Poppy's cupcakes reminded me of SLT's, which is by far my favorite. They have a  number of different cupcakes available and their presentation was similar to that of SLT's.

We chose the blueberry and red velvet, which are our favorite flavors. Their cupcakes are really cute and looked so yummy. Poppy's cupcakes taste really good. However, it wasn't enough to wow me. It tastes good but not as good as the other cupcakes I've tried. Their icing is sweet and is just right. I think it would be best if the cupcakes were served chilled. Nevertheless, I like their cupcakes. It's really good for its price. 

Unfortunately, the thing with Poppy's is that don't have their own toilet. You would have to climb up to West Portal's second floor to pee. It's a bit of hassle, to be honest, but it's better than nothing. Overall, Poppy's is a really interesting and nice cafe. Their staff is friendly and accommodating. I'll try to visit Poppy again next time I'm back in the city. Hopefully not when I'm too full to splurge on some sugar. Maybe, next time. :)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Heart Tea

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I've mentioned in a previous post that Heart Tea was expecting a new change. So about a month ago, Frank of Heart Tea invited me and the boyfriend for their relaunching at GILT. There were also other bloggers and people from the media who were invited for the event. I was pretty much excited for this relaunch since Heart Tea will be re-branding and they will offer new flavors. Yay!

GILT is a really pretty and interesting place. The boyfriend and I were conversing about the decors and design. We both love vintage items and decors and the place was filled with them. We couldn't help but take pictures of their interesting knickknacks here and there. Their food was also yummy! During the relaunch I met JM of Big Food (now my Tasteful Life), along with other bloggers in Cebu.

free milk tea at GILT

vintage cash register ♥

Frank announced that Heart Tea is already offering new popping bobbas to add to their menu. They have cranberry, blueberry, mango, and orange among other bobbas. We were given samples of the popping bobbas and I tell you, they were yummy. I love the blueberry popping bobba with the wintermelon. Frank also mentioned they have other flavors, like caramel and others, which are still on the way.

A few days after the relaunch, the boyfriend and I visited Heart Tea in IT Park and I really like their new stall. The boyfriend and I both got wintermelon (Yay!) with different sinkers. I got the cranberry bobbas, since they don't have the blueberry. The boyfriend, on the other hand, got his orange popping bobbas. Cranberry gives you a fruity pop, which I really like. I think it works well with the wintermelon and is not that overpowering. The orange is also interesting and the boyfriend really enjoyed his share of milk tea. The orange bobbas had a tangy flavor after every pop, which would definitely make you feel alive.

Heart Tea's new stall. :D

PS. I would like to thank Frank and Heart Tea for the GCs we got during the relaunch. I'm hoping to try their new flavors with my GCs. Yay! I'm planning on experimenting on the new bobbas with my favorite Heart Tea milk teas. Can't wait for the caramel. ;)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sweet Indulgence and Bubble Pop

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Being travelers in Dumaguete City, the boyfriend and I were looking for some affordable treats. So, we went to Lee Plaza where you can find a milk tea place in Dumaguete. Unfortunately  we didn't really know the exact location of the cart so we went through every floor before we realized that it's probably near the grocery.

So, we did find Bubble Pop at the lower ground floor of Lee Plaza along with the other food carts. We were also surprised to find a cupcake stall, Sweet Indulgence, there. Unfortunately, there weren't chairs. You would have to stand up and place your food and drinks in a high table while eating.

Bubble Pop is really affordable, unlike most milk tea shops here in Cebu. They also have limited flavors, which isn't really a big deal. The boyfriend and I got honeydew and wintermelon milk tea for P48. Just P2 cheaper than Heart Tea's. Their milk tea was good but not really that good enough for you to rave. However, I think it's okay for the price that you are paying. I also noticed that they were using powdered milk teas more, instead of syrup, which probably is the reason why it wasn't that good.

red velvet and tiramisu.

wintermelon and honeydew.
Sweet Indulgence was also shockingly affordable. Every cupcake costs P25, which is half the price of the usual cupcakes here in Cebu. I tell you, the boyfriend and I went on sugar high because all the sweet goodies were budget-friendly. We ordered red velvet and tiramisu from Sweet Indulgence and paired it with our milk teas. I really love the icing on top of the red velvet. It was sweet and yummy. The boyfriend, however, found it to be overpowering. Their tiramisu was also good and soft. I like the the texture of the cupcake. Their cupcakes were really good enough for their price. However, they're not really something that I would rave about.

I definitely enjoyed our short food trip in Dumaguete. Unfortunately we were a bit limited with funds and time so we weren't able to look for more cheap finds in the city. The boyfriend and I are planning to have another food trip in the city soon, when budget permits. Dumaguete is definitely more affordable compared to the usual restaurants and shops in Cebu, which makes it great for foodies like us. ;)

Friday, November 23, 2012

OT: Gabby's Bistro

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There's a little haven in Dumaguete that will take you to Italy without having to pay for the pricey airfare. This haven is called Gabby's Bistro. You can find Gabby's in Florentina Homes, which is like Italy. They have colorful walls and porches with flowers. My friend, Nikki, and I have been planning to go there last June when I visited Negros, but I never had the time. This time, I figured I have to visit Gabby's no matter what.

Their interiors is really cool and filled with cutesy little knickknacks everywhere. There are planes on the ceiling and mini gas pumps on their tables. Their walls have intricate details. I wasn't able to hold myself as I gaze every wall and ceiling. It is a really happy place. The interior was consistent with the exterior design. I so looove the place. What sparked my interest was that their paper placemats can be colored. You can even ask for crayons. Nikki and I hurriedly colored and wrote stuff on our own placemats. You can get yourself busy while waiting for your meals. It's also great for kids.

dory, dory. makes me think of Finding Nemo.

golden chicken.
We got dory in tomatoes (I'm not quite sure if that's the correct name) and golden chicken. We were shocked that they had big servings. Even their rice servings are bigger than those I commonly see in restaurants here in Cebu. I definitely enjoyed my dory. It was soft and the tomato was perfect with it. I even felt the rice on my plate wasn't enough. The chicken was also delicious and tender. I love how generous they were with their side dishes. Their prices are reasonable for the size of their serving. You'll definitely be full after your meal and it's totally worth it.

Their staff were also nice and friendly. They are also accommodating  which I really like. They, however, take time to serve you. The good thing is they have bells on tables, which you can use to ring the staff when you're ready to order.

sign that leads you to Gabby's Bistro.
I can't wait to be back in Gabby's Bistro next time. I wasn't able to try their desserts because we were already full. I won't miss it next time I'm back in Dumaguete City. Hopefully, I'll try to leave more space in my stomach for more food. ;)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sans Rival (Main Branch)

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I've written a post about Sans Rival, a famous pastry shop in Dumaguete City, last year. However, that was about the Sans Rival branch in Robinsons Place Dumaguete. I've always wanted to visit the Sans Rival main branch and last month, I just did that. I had a short vacation in Negros last month and decided that I shouldn't miss going to Sans Rival main branch, especially when it was the boyfriend's first time in Negros. We went there together with my friend Nikki and her boyfriend, Jano. 

Sans Rival looks like a quaint cafe. It is located near Dumaguete's boulevard. You can ask the tricycle driver to take you to Sans Rival near the boulevard if you don't know the place. What we did was walk down the boulevard strip to find to look for Sans Rival since we don't know it's exact location.



red velvet cake.

blueberry cheesecake.


They have pasta and other quick meals for merienda (snacks). If you're bringing some pasalubong for family and friends back home, you can ask their staff for the frozen silvanas which is good for a six-hour travel. You can get a box of silvanas, with 10 pieces, for P110. 

When we got there, we ordered red velvet cake, blueberry cheesecake, spaghetti, burger, and some silvanas. Sans Rival is definitely affordable. I'm sorry I forgot the prices, I forgot where I placed the receipt. Anyway, their cakes are super affordable and cheaper compared to the cakes here in Cebu. My schoolmate even thinks the same way.


blue lights. :)

oops, that's me.

Their cakes are good, however, not too good that you'll go crazy for them. They are good for their affordable price. The same thing goes for their burger and their spaghetti. However, their silvanas and Sans Rival butter aren't to be missed. These are my ultimate faves from Sans Rival.

If you're visiting the main branch, be prepared for the long queue of customers. Even when you're there in the morning, there are lots of people there for their coffee or for some pastries. However, this is to be expected since they have a lot of loyal customers.

I also like the homey ambiance of the cafe. The place is just comfortable and perfect for a little chat with friends. We'll definitely be back on our next Negros trip and I hope we can already try the new bistro, as well. :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

OT: Sam's 50's Diner

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Sam's Diner opened a few months back and since that day, we've wanted to drop by the diner. We were intrigued mainly because of their interesting 50's theme. You should know that the boyfriend and I love everything vintage. So, this restaurant is definitely perfect for us.

We though we need to spend a lot just to have dinner at Sam's. We were a bit afraid that we'd go out of budget. We were surprised to see that their meals are affordable. They fit every student's budget for a filling meal in between classes.

When we got there, we were all jittery and excited. We were amazed at the trinkets that are around the little diner. Sam's Diner is just like those diners you commonly see in American movies. Everything was just as we though it would be.

Phillly's cheese steak

Sam's special.

sizzling burger steak.

vanilla milkshake

apple cobbler

We got their Philly cheese steak (P130), Sam's special with fries (P125), sizzling burger steak (P65), vanilla milkshake (P95), and apple cobbler (P75).

The Sam's special (burger) was really good. The boyfriend was raving how good it was for its price. The Philly cheese steak was also good. The cheese didn't overwhelm the mushrooms and beef in the sandwich. It all worked well and had a great taste. I couldn't finish it all by myself, though which is a shame. The burger steak is delicious and tender. Their sauce was unique and added an interesting taste to the steak. Their milkshake was definitely my favorite. It was really sweet and yummy. A glass wasn't enough for me, though. A part of me wished milkshakes came in a liter, just like Coke. Their apple cobbler was also good and a nice way to end a sumptuous meal. It was definitely really sweet, sadly too much for my taste even. But it was really cinnamon-y and has a kick to it.

I really love the fact that their theme is very consistent. Their chairs, decors, and their tissue holder are all vintage. Their songs are even from the 50s. What amazed me was their sink, for washing your hands, is also vintage. The place is definitely cool. It would be even awesome to have lunch here frequently.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bonjour! at MacaronTango Cafe

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What do you do when you're stuck at CDUH due to heavy rains? Head on to Macaron Tango Cafe. You can find this little French cafe at the Centero Arcade along Osmeña Boulevard near Capitol. 

This is an a cafe that boasts its authentic French pastries and dishes ( and is owned by a real French). We even saw him baking some macarons while we ordered (and he smiled at us).

I've heard of the place a way back but never had the chance to try them. I was really glad I thought of dropping by the place while the boyfriend and I were stuck.

yummiest blueberry evar! ♥

pistachio and berry medley

So, we got ourselves a slice of blueberry cheesecake (P90), pistachio and berry medley macaron (P40 each) and some hot cup of tea (P40 each). 

Their blueberry cheesecake is definitely heavenly. This is by far the best cheesecake we (the boyfriend and I) have tasted so far. I can tell you that the boyfriend is already in love with the place because of their yummy cheesecake. Even if their cheesecake is a bit pricey, it's definitely worth it. Every bite is so creamy. Did I tell you it's heavenly?

Their macarons were really yummy. You can definitely taste the flavors in your macarons. The berry medley was certainly very berry and the pistachio was nutty. They are just perfect with my hot tea. I actually wanted to try all of their macarons. It was just too hard to choose with their cute colors.

Macaron Tango Cafe can be a great place to study. We noticed there weren't much people inside the cafe, aside from two other customers. You can also do your projects here, as they have fast internet connection. I have a friend in college who made most of her thesis while sitting and eating in the cafe (you know who you are!:P ).

I think the boyfriend and I will be back here soon to have some more of their blueberry cheesecake. I'll also be trying more of their macarons, too. Even if Tango is a bit pricey, they are definitely worth every cent.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Chatime!

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Before I start this post, I think saying sorry to you guys would be in place. I'm really sorry if I haven't updated the blog for a couple of weeks now. I've been a bit busy with school (since I'm trying to graduate). Now that I'm done with school, I can now start eating my heart out (while looking for a new job).

Back to Chatime. This international tea franchise is already in Cebu. So after submitting my papers for finals a few days ago, the boyfriend and I headed to Chatime in Ebloc 2, IT Park. We actually got lost before we found our way. Anyway, we were surprised to see many people inside Chatime. You'd know by now that I'm not that comfortable with crowded places. However, at least we got the comfortable couch and table when we were there.

red bean tea and pearl milk tea.

parmesan French fries

Chatime really had a wide variety of milk tea choices. It was a bit difficult to choose, so I decided to go for their pearl milk tea (P90). The boyfriend, meanwhile, got himself a red bean tea (P100). We opted to pair our drinks with Parmesan-flavored fries (P65). Their pearl milk tea was yummy but nothing really special. It's just like other pearl milk tea from other tea places. Their red bean tea was definitely interesting. The red beans in the drink added texture to the tea. However, it wasn't something that I would love. The boyfriend, however, enjoyed his tea. Their parmesan fries was interesting, but not that yummy to me.

I couldn't really say that Chatime is different from other tea places, yet. So far, I think their tea is just similar to other shops. They do have a wide variety of interesting teas on their menu that I've yet to try. 

this vibrates when you can claim your tea at the counter.

I really like the colors and the interiors of Chatime. It's really colorful and fun. Their couches are just so comfortable. What's more is that they have plugs that you can use for charging your laptop or other mobile devices. They also have Wi-Fi. Say hello to a new place for thesis and group projects!

The only thing that irritated me during our visit was the crew saying "Welcome to Chatime!" over and over again to every customer who ordered. It is nice, especially when you enter and take your order. However, when you stay inside the shop for an hour or so, you'd get a bit annoyed with this line. The boyfriend even had an LSS and repeated the line again and again while we were strolling in Ayala. I wonder if they get tired saying that x number of times in a day.

Although Chatime is a bit pricey, I know I'll be back with some friends soon. I'm eyeing on their passionfruit milk tea for my next trip.