Wednesday, July 25, 2012


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There's an interesting new snack spot in Ayala that you guys should try out.

Mochiko sells mochi ice creams whi are Japanese treats. These are usually made out of mochi, chewy glutinous rice cake with powdered sugar, and ice cream. They are usually made in pastel colors.

The colors of their mochi are to die for. Sorry, but they are just so cute. It was a bit difficult to pick which one I would be getting for myself. So, I asked for their bestsellers and opted for the cookies and cream. The boyfriend, a lover of everything in the shade of green, got the green tea one. Each one costs P70.

The easiest way to describe mochi ice creams to Cebuanos is that it's very similar to our own local masi. The masi is also made of glutinous rice, but with sweetened peanuts. With mochi ice cream, you get a whole scoop of ice cream at the center.

green tea!

cookies and cream

our snacks for the day
My cookies and cream mochi ice cream was really good. No wonder it's a bestseller. The texture of the cookie inside and the sweet ice cream blends well with the sweet mochi. It was really good and yummy. The green tea was also good. However, the mochi somehow overpowers the taste of the green tea ice cream which robs it a bit of its real flavor. Nevertheless, it was still yummy.

I really like Mochiko's mochi ice cream. They are unique and yummy. Being a tad bit pricey for a snack is my only concern. It's not really that filling of a snack. But if you don't mind spending a bit for a yummy treat, then go ahead. You'll love the pretty colors!


If you want to drop by, you can find them beside Tablea at Ayala's Active Zone.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

So yummy! Love the azuki red bean!

Meream said...

Hmm I don't like masi but I love ice cream... Ma-try nga Haha

Mustachio said...

Looks good... but I am too tihik to try this hahah :D

Ana Ortiz said...

@i♥pinkc00kies: maybe i'll try that one soon. ;)

@Meream: The ice cream filling is yummy. But the masi-ish mochi is thin that you won't really notice it. :)

@Mustachio: HAHAHA. Too mahal for you, I think. It really is on the pricey side.

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