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The Sweet-toothed Diaries is made by Ana Ortiz in order to justify her sweet cravings and impulsive eating habits. The writer, in any way whatsoever, is not affiliated with any company, restaurant or chef.

Ana is a 22-year-old writer, eater, and hiking and photography enthusiast. She tries to balance her sweet cravings with work, family, friends, and her outdoor life.

The Sweet-toothed Diaries is a compilation of her sugar journeys through different restaurants, bakeshops, stalls, and other shops that offer something edible for the sweet part of the taste buds. Desserts featured in this blog do not only include cakes and other usual sweets. Drinks, pastries, delicacies and other home-made goodies are also raved about.

Other off-topic rants about the complicated life that the writer goes through will also be pushed down into your throats. But, don’t worry she’ll do it slowly.

All the entries and the photos in this blog are written and taken by Ana, unless stated otherwise.