Saturday, July 21, 2012

OT: Lumpia ni Senyang

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I discovered Lumpia ni Senyang because of the boyfriend. Before, we had lots of free time during school days that we'd head to Senyang's which is just a tricycle ride away from the boyfriend's place in Lapu-Lapu. It's right across St. Alphonsus Catholic School, where he studied high school. 

ordering XD

A word of caution: this is not a place for the faint hearted. I kid! Senyang is famous for their super spicy sauce which is their own secret recipe. Being a really spicy-addicted person, I found this a good place where I can fill my spicy cravings without hurting my pocket.

As the name implies, Senyang only serves lumpia. They have special and ordinary lumpia to choose from. The special has meat in it while the ordinary is made from tawgi or bean sprout. I'm not really a meat person, so I always prefer the ordinary lumpia or gulay as they call it. Their special lumpia costs P15 while the gulay costs P12. To match, you can get huge puso for P5. 

gulay, above. special, below.

special lumpia in spicy sauce. yum!

Prepare lots of water especially when you want to try their spicy sauce. It really is spicy. However, if you're not a spicy person like me, you can always opt for the usual sauce. Senyang is famous for their very spicy sauce. Without the sauce, your Senyang experience isn't really complete.

I would recommend Senyang if you want to go on a spicy trip with friends. The food is affordable and the service is really good. Senyang herself is there to take your orders and the other servers are also friendly.

good news! :)

*photos taken by Paw*

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