Thursday, July 12, 2012

Llew's Mudpies

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I've been wanting to drop by Llew's Mud pies since I saw a blog post about it. One of the reasons is that I like mud pies. Another thing is that it reminds me of my friend in the US, who might be reading this blog. (Hi Llewelyn!)

We were supposed to go to this new dessert store which the boyfriend found online. We we went to Llew's just to kill time and ended up having dinner there. We also met some friends at Llew's. (Hi Tinay and Frena!)

We got ourselves a cup of cookies and cream mud pie (P30), blueberry cheese pie (P42), two lemonades (P40 each), tuna melt sandwich (P55), spaghetti in chunky tomato sauce (P85).

They serve really affordable sweets from s'mores to mud pies. Their lemonade and iced tea were in this interesting jar that I had to ask their attendant where they got it. Unfortunately, she doesn't have an idea so I'll have to hunt that jar down.

clockwise: cookies and cream mud pie, lemonade, and blueberry cheese pie.

I really like my mud pie. It was creamy and good. I like the taste of the chunky cookies. The blueberry cheese pie was also good. I could really taste the blueberry and the cheese was just creamy. I think you'd really get the value for your money.

I didn't like their spaghetti that much. The boyfriend commented that it reminded him of Dong Juan's which I also agreed. He liked it. It was good but at that time, I just didn't feel like eating. I didn't even like my own tuna melt sandwich. I usually love tuna sandwiches, but I think my tongue was not giving it justice. Just note that I didn't have appetite for real food at that time. So don't trust me with my sense of taste with food. It's weird that I only had my tongue working for sweets that night.

tuna melt sandwich

spaghetti in chunky tomato sauce

I'll definitely visit the place again especially when I'm craving for something sweet within my pocket's reach. Next time, I 'd definitely try their s'mores which was what a friend got.


Christina said...

twas nice seeing you both there Melai!! Paborito jud namo ni Frena ilang frozen smores. (Don't buy the hot one, it's messy). Wala pa ko katilaw sa ilang mud pie. Ah... Mao diay na'y hitsura. Hehe

Ana Ortiz said...

@Christina: Hehe. Lami sad ilang mud pie. Good enough for its price. I've heard lami ang s'mores lage. Thanks for the head ups. Balik nya mi ni Paw soon! Hope to see you there, again sad. :)

Justinne Go said...

Nice post! I've been meaning to check this place out for the smores. Didn't know they also serve 'real food'. Haha.

Babe for Food - you BFF in Cebu dining!

Ana Ortiz said...

@Justinne: I think I also need to try their smores soon. See you there, I hope!

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Mustachio said...

Hahha more than one year na ko ga wonder how their mudpies are. I went there once just to look at the food...coz I was too full :-(

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: You should really try them out. Will probably be back for some smores since this is their bestseller. :)

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