Friday, July 20, 2012

Tea Serve

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While riding a jeepney, Mustachio of Mustachioventures, suggested this tea place in Mango Avenue for us to kill time. He's been there a couple of times, he said. So we figured out why not give it a try. Going there is probably one of the best decisions I made since I saw Anney Uy pass by the place. I really look up to her as a photographer and as a blogger. It was the first time I saw her in person and I've to admit I was a bit starstruck

But, back to Tea Serve. It's a stall that you can see right beside Mr. Coffee in One Mango. I didn't even know there was a milk tea place there if Mustachio didn't mention it. Anyway, we got ourselves passion fruit and matcha, which were our usual orders for milk tea. 

I really liked my passion fruit tea. It had a kick. I really liked how refreshing it was. The boyfriend was not really that fortunate with his own matcha milk tea. It wasn't really cold and it didn't have the usual flavor you could taste from other tea shops. It definitely was weird. Nevertheless, my passion fruit tea was good. 

passion fruit and matcha.

Another thing is that their tea is a bit frothy. The froth also had a weird after taste to it. It would be nice if the attendants would scoop out the froth after making the milk tea to remove that weird taste.

Tea Serve is an affordable place to get your milk tea. It's also convenient. But it would be nicer if they have colder and froth-less drinks.

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