Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cobo: The New Tea in Town

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There's a new chill tea house right at the heart of Mandaue City. Cobo is an attention-grabbing teahouse at the new J Centre Mall.

The design is probably the most interesting thing in Cobo. The place is just so full of color and cute doodles. It's like being warped to doodle land. Their wall mural reminds me of tokidoki. I would want to stick myself in the wall, if that's even possible. Their interiors are colorful and fun. You'll also notice that their colorful tables and chairs look a bit like Google Chrome, as pointed out by the boyfriend.

The Google-Chrome-like table and chairs.

They serve a whole lot of different tea drinks, just like Bubble Bee Tea House branch in SM. The only difference is that you can choose the sugar levels of your drinks from extra mild, mild, average, and intense. This is probably the best place for those who are conscious with their sugar intake. I'm not really digging it since I'm more of a sugar-all-you-can, if possible, type of person. However, it's cool.

We (the boyfriend and I) actually went there twice this week. We were with a friend the first time we tried the place. We ordered the mango peach green tea + mango burst, cobo milk tea, and . The cashier said that these are the bestsellers from their Manila branch.

Clockwise: taro smoothie, cobo milk tea, mango peach green tea.


Cobo milk tea tastes like has thing coffee taste in it. I ordered one with mild sugar level, though. Maybe if I got one in average or in intense sugar level, the taste would have been different. I liked it though. Their taro smoothie reminds me of Bubble Bee's taro slush. They are similar in looks however they are completely different. Cobo's version isn't as sweet as Bubble Bee's. The latter has this sweet honey aftertaste that makes their slush drinks one of a kind. However, Cobo's is actually fine. Maybe if the sugar level is intense, the taro smoothie will be really sweet. On the other hand, the mango peach green tea + mango burst was probably the funnest drink that I've tasted from Cobo. The pearls really did burst and it makes drinking really exciting. I also like its taste which is peachy for me. The boyfriend was a bit disappointed that it didn't look green as the picture.

I think Cobo is an interesting place to try out. It's a fun place. They're also not that pricey. Expect to spend around P70 to P100 for a drink. If you get hungry, they also offer food. But I like to pair my Cobo with Leona's red velvet. It's just yummy!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The New Bubble Bee Tea House (SM Branch)

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If you've followed this blog long enough, you probably know that the boyfriend and I loooovee Bubble Bee Tea House (BBTH). It's definitely a great place to hang out and drink bubble tea. For some reason, Bubble Bee Tea House seemed to have disappeared from their place in SM a few months ago. The boyfriend and I were pretty disappointed. It was where we usually stayed when we got too tired from walking around the mall. Not having BBTH in SM was really weird for us. We felt so out of place.

However, our despair is already over. We were so happy that BBTH is finally has a new spot. They're now right beside F21! How cool is that? I got so excited when we saw the new BBTH. They still have the same fun design that I love. But, the new place is smaller than their previous one. I like the lounge-y feel of their former stall. However, their new interior is also great and funky.

The new BBTH counter.

The old tables and chairs retained.

What I like best about this new place is that they are already serving food and other desserts. What took my attention is the Oreo Mudpie Crepe. This is new to their SM City branch. Bubble Bee Tea House in SM used to serve drinks alone. We wanted to try out their crepes for weeks already but we were just so unlucky. Prior to this post, we've tried visiting them five times in the hopes of tasting their crepe but to no avail. It was only yesterday that we've successfully ordered the crepe.

Their crepe definitely looks yummy. It's so pretty that I don't want to eat it. I just want to stare at it the entire time, honestly. It certainly is as yummy as it looks. Although I am not a big fan of crepes, I would say I really love their version. It's really worth every peso and the Oreo crumbs add texture and that sweet taste.

Me and the crepe.

Although they still serve pretty much the same menu like they did before, they've increased their prices a bit. They've increased P5 to P10 on their drinks. They also don't have their matcha slush anymore to the boyfriend's dismay. I also like matcha but I'm not as sad as the boyfriend is.

On our first try. No crepe, unfortunately.

A tip to those who want to try out their crepe and other food, visit them on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays as their attendant said. They don't usually serve on Mondays to Thursdays due to some functions at the main branch. Just inquire from their friendly cashiers and attendants regarding the schedule.

* Photos of me taken by the boyfriend. :) *