Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Afternoon Date at Cafe Caw

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Cafe Caw is a new place coffee shop in front of Bright Academy. I don't really know how the boyfriend knew of the place. So we set out for Cafe Caw before heading to dinner in Lahug. The cashier said it was pronounced like cafe kaw.

pastels! ♥

 The place is really dainty. It's really an embodiment of all things cute. I can imagine myself being the owner of Cafe Caw. It was just full of little adorable trinkets here and there. There were real live plants outside, too. The tables and chairs were painted pastel and it makes me want to go and run to the nearest meadow and stare at the sky. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But it really is a pretty place.


They have cupcakes, cookies, and fudge on display. They also have different caffeine drinks and food as well on their menu. We ordered cafe macchiato, hazelnut latte, matcha and red velvet cupcakes, cookies and fudge bar. I was expecting so much from their food since they all look yummy. Their cupcakes were a bit disappointing. They were kind of hard. I do like the icing of my red velvet. I do like their coffee and cookies. I just think it's not worth the price. I like their drinks and the cutesy glass mugs with stickers. The boyfriend pointed out though that it was kind of pricey for its size.

Despite all the disappointments with the food, I find Cafe Caw a good place to hang out and maybe study in the early afternoons when there aren't much people. I really enjoyed killing the hours by sitting lazily and talking to the boyfriend.

sweet and cutie dogs we saw outside. *giggle*

*photos taken by Paw*

Friday, May 25, 2012

Liloan Halo-Halo

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We went to Liloan to check out a halo-halo store out of impulse. Blame it to the long hot summer days that make you want to take a bath in ice.

We really don't have an idea where the ice cream store is. All the info that we got from the internet is that it is near the Lilo-an church. When we got there, it was fairly easy to find. You just have to look for Lita's Special Halo-Halo and Snack Haus. They look like a small sari-sari store on the side of the road. Don't expect to eat halo-halo in an air-conditioned room. You eat yours on the side of the road so prepare yourself for trucks and cars passing by.

I was expecting so much from this halo-halo store since a friend told me it was good. I was a bit disappointed. We ordered the ordinary and the special halo-halo. These halo-halo cost below P50 which is really affordable. The special ones have more ice cream than the ordinary. One thing I noticed about the halo-halo is that the ice were a bit hard and rough. I don't really like rough halo-halo. You'd know this if you've read my previous posts with my fave halo-halo stores, Cool Savers and Razon's. However, if you don't really mind the ice, then it's not a problem. What I did like about their halo-halo is the melon. It's the peculiar ingredient in their own version. I like the taste of melon in the halo-halo. Overall, I find their halo-halo just okay.

LIta's Halo-Halo just across the Liloan Sports Complex

I really don't recommend going all the way to Liloan just to try out their halo-halo. It's not really worth all the distance. However, if you're just within the vicinity or you are heading to Papa Kits, you can definitely go and check it out.

*photos taken 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bubble Bee Tea House (main)

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If you've been following this blog long enough, you probably know that I'm in love with Bubble Bee Tea House.

We went to the BBTH main branch in North Reclamation Area out of impulse (a few months ago). We met some friends and just spent some time together. It was my first time to be there, despite being a frequent BBTH customer in SM.

I really like the ambiance of the place. Their furniture also make the place even more comfortable. It's a great place to hang out with friends and makes it conducive for talking (and gossip, maybe). It's also a good spot for a group study. We saw some med students (the boyfriend's friend) who were also there discussing their research.

You can order the same milk teas down stairs and go upstairs for more comfortable and lounge-y seats. We just got the usual matcha slush and coffee. They also offer a variety of different food. We just got calamares and pizza for food. I love the pizza, it's just enough for two people. However, I finished it all on my own. I was soo hungry at that time.

They also have some tables and couches with stuffed animals around. You can also reserve a part of the room for events, like birthdays and such. BBTH now has Friday Movie Nights and Acoustic Saturdays for their customers.

*photos taken by the boyfriend, Paw*

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bon Appetea

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Tea houses are popping up like mushrooms lately. They're almost everywhere. Some restaurants are even having their own version of teas or bubble teas. One of the latest tea houses in the city is Bon Appetea located just on the side of Quest Hotel in Ayala Business Park.

The place is really cozy. We passed by the place a few weeks ago and it was crowded. We were lucky that there was only one person in the shop, aside from the attendants. We didn't really know what to drink so we got the what we though we liked.

Freedom wall. Cool!

Their Yakult teas really strucked me and got my attention. I'm a big Yakult fan despite my age. LOL. Their medium Yakult teas cost P70 while the large ones are P80. They also have other interesting teas as well. I got myself a passion fruit Yakult tea. The boyfriend, meanwhile, got his large matcha salt and cheese foam for P110. When we got the teas, we were kind of surprised that they didn't have any tapioca pearls. We thought that the pearls were already included in the price. Now, we know what the add-ons are for.

I really like my tea since it's refreshing and perfect for a long hot day. I've always loved passion fruit both as a flavor and as a scent. I really didn't like the matcha salt and cheese foam. I just couldn't appreciate the weird taste. If anyone of you likes their salt and cheese foam variants, please leave a comment and tell me why you like it. The matcha one tastes like seaweeds. It's like getting choked in the sea.

Yakult passion fruit and matcha salt and cheese foam.

Well, hello there Kuya! :)

One thing that really bothered me when we were waiting for our teas is that there was some random guy inside who would butt in our conversations. It was very rude of him. The boyfriend and I were talking if there was Wi-Fi in the area. He would give unnecessary comments even if he wasn't asked. I thought he was the owner, but the boyfriend pointed out that he looked like a worker from somewhere. I don't mind him butting in at all, I just don't want to be talked to in such a tone that would make me want to slap someone. It's also not good for the business as customers might not want to come back. Anyhow, that's just my opinion. (Just ranting! XD)

Bon Appetea also has another branch in front of USPF Lahug. You can visit either branch and just enjoy a good sip of healthy tea.

*photos taken by the boyfriend, Paw*