Friday, October 19, 2012

Bonjour! at MacaronTango Cafe

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What do you do when you're stuck at CDUH due to heavy rains? Head on to Macaron Tango Cafe. You can find this little French cafe at the Centero Arcade along Osmeña Boulevard near Capitol. 

This is an a cafe that boasts its authentic French pastries and dishes ( and is owned by a real French). We even saw him baking some macarons while we ordered (and he smiled at us).

I've heard of the place a way back but never had the chance to try them. I was really glad I thought of dropping by the place while the boyfriend and I were stuck.

yummiest blueberry evar! ♥

pistachio and berry medley

So, we got ourselves a slice of blueberry cheesecake (P90), pistachio and berry medley macaron (P40 each) and some hot cup of tea (P40 each). 

Their blueberry cheesecake is definitely heavenly. This is by far the best cheesecake we (the boyfriend and I) have tasted so far. I can tell you that the boyfriend is already in love with the place because of their yummy cheesecake. Even if their cheesecake is a bit pricey, it's definitely worth it. Every bite is so creamy. Did I tell you it's heavenly?

Their macarons were really yummy. You can definitely taste the flavors in your macarons. The berry medley was certainly very berry and the pistachio was nutty. They are just perfect with my hot tea. I actually wanted to try all of their macarons. It was just too hard to choose with their cute colors.

Macaron Tango Cafe can be a great place to study. We noticed there weren't much people inside the cafe, aside from two other customers. You can also do your projects here, as they have fast internet connection. I have a friend in college who made most of her thesis while sitting and eating in the cafe (you know who you are!:P ).

I think the boyfriend and I will be back here soon to have some more of their blueberry cheesecake. I'll also be trying more of their macarons, too. Even if Tango is a bit pricey, they are definitely worth every cent.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Chatime!

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Before I start this post, I think saying sorry to you guys would be in place. I'm really sorry if I haven't updated the blog for a couple of weeks now. I've been a bit busy with school (since I'm trying to graduate). Now that I'm done with school, I can now start eating my heart out (while looking for a new job).

Back to Chatime. This international tea franchise is already in Cebu. So after submitting my papers for finals a few days ago, the boyfriend and I headed to Chatime in Ebloc 2, IT Park. We actually got lost before we found our way. Anyway, we were surprised to see many people inside Chatime. You'd know by now that I'm not that comfortable with crowded places. However, at least we got the comfortable couch and table when we were there.

red bean tea and pearl milk tea.

parmesan French fries

Chatime really had a wide variety of milk tea choices. It was a bit difficult to choose, so I decided to go for their pearl milk tea (P90). The boyfriend, meanwhile, got himself a red bean tea (P100). We opted to pair our drinks with Parmesan-flavored fries (P65). Their pearl milk tea was yummy but nothing really special. It's just like other pearl milk tea from other tea places. Their red bean tea was definitely interesting. The red beans in the drink added texture to the tea. However, it wasn't something that I would love. The boyfriend, however, enjoyed his tea. Their parmesan fries was interesting, but not that yummy to me.

I couldn't really say that Chatime is different from other tea places, yet. So far, I think their tea is just similar to other shops. They do have a wide variety of interesting teas on their menu that I've yet to try. 

this vibrates when you can claim your tea at the counter.

I really like the colors and the interiors of Chatime. It's really colorful and fun. Their couches are just so comfortable. What's more is that they have plugs that you can use for charging your laptop or other mobile devices. They also have Wi-Fi. Say hello to a new place for thesis and group projects!

The only thing that irritated me during our visit was the crew saying "Welcome to Chatime!" over and over again to every customer who ordered. It is nice, especially when you enter and take your order. However, when you stay inside the shop for an hour or so, you'd get a bit annoyed with this line. The boyfriend even had an LSS and repeated the line again and again while we were strolling in Ayala. I wonder if they get tired saying that x number of times in a day.

Although Chatime is a bit pricey, I know I'll be back with some friends soon. I'm eyeing on their passionfruit milk tea for my next trip.