Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Angelica's Bakeshop

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I'm really sorry if I haven't posted for a really long time. For the first two weeks of my absence, I got really sick. I couldn't really eat anything, literally. The following weeks brought in more busy weeks for work and school, especially finals is fast approaching. I hope you guys can forgive the absence, but I will definitely strive to post as often as I can from this day on. 

Anyhow, since I haven't really eaten sweet for the last few weeks so I decided to get a cake just so I could "celebrate" the start of my sweet-eating days. I can already feel the UP hell week coming closer, so this is the time of binging for me. I was in a budget so I decided to get a cheap yummy cake. And, I decided to go to Angelica's.

A box of happiness! 

Angelica's Bakeshop has been around for a long time. My father is a loyal customer. It's one of those few local bakeshops that I think could compete well with Red Ribbon and Goldilocks even without the ads. They have a number of branches in Cebu, but I personally know just their branch in Jones Avenue and in Gaisano Grandmall in Lapu-Lapu City. 

My favorite cake in Angelica's is their Choco Moist. This is definitely a great buy for a great price. A round cake that is approximately eight inches in diameter costs P145. That's even enough for 5-6 persons. It's definitely worth your money.

Untouched cake.

The cake is just simple. It's a no-bullshit cake, if I were to say. There's nothing much going on. It's covered with chocolate frosting. It is soft and fresh that makes you want to gobble even more. I really prefer moist cakes. There are times when homebakers make their cupcakes too dry. I like the sweetness and the tenderness of the cake. It has the right sweetness and softness. It's not really that cakey, which I love.

It's definitely something that one should go for when in a tight budget. You're not even sacrificing the taste for the price. The cake is perfect for those lazy afternoons at home with friends. You can just grab your favorite instant coffee and you now have a home cafe. You can also get this as a birthday cake. You can ask them to write a greeting on the cake as well.

Cake and coffee. Yum!