Monday, April 30, 2012

Sprockets Cafe

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For digital photography, lomography, and even analog enthusiasts, you should really drop by Sprockets Cafe. It's a fun place made for the creatives.

They have a really cool lomowall. Being an analog fan, I am smitten. I couldn't resist posing in front of their wall. They also have lomo camera pillows which are sooo adorable. It's like being surrounded with everything I love. The ambiance is also great. They have a casual and comfortable feel which I love.

They have different coffee and milk teas available. We just got honey dew milk tea and wintermelon milk tea. Large milk teas cost P100. You can also choose the sugar level as well, like Cobo's. I got the 100%  sugar level while the boyfriend opted for the 75%. I know, I know. I'm a sugar addict. But it's not really as sweet as it seems. It's just right. ;)

They also serve food like pizzas, quesadilla, nachos and others. However, we just got the quesadilla for P90. It's also good and looks unique. The small pieces make eating easier, in my opinion. I really like the taste of the tomatoes in there and I love the texture. However, the boyfriend thought that their quesadilla tasted like cigarettes which is weird. We wanted to order more but we didn't have much time since I still had some work to do.

Sorry, ate them right away without thinking.

Sprockets Cafe is definitely an affordable place to hang out. It's really conducive for good conversation with friends. I would definitely be going back next time. I can also walk there from school which is really interesting.

I also took the opportunity to buy a roll of expired film since I've already used up my last roll. Sprockets Cafe have fresh and expired films from Lomo Connection. I got myself a roll of Fujifilm Superia XTRA 400. 

I got too excited with this blue sprocket rocket pillow.

Sprockets Cafe is just a short walk away from Ayala Center Cebu. It's located in Apitong Stree and is right beside Sweet Little Things

*photos taken by me, Paw, and the attendant*

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Terrific at Tea-rrific

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Okay, the title sucks. I just wanted to sound witty, which obviously didn't work out for me. Anyway, I think you guys may have passed by Tea-riffic in SM City Cebu. It's a small cart located at the lower ground floor near Chester Enterprises. A friend, Athena, suggested this place before. I've passed by the cart a couple of times already but never had the chance to get a cup of their tea.

the menu.

It was good that the boyfriend suddenly wanted to try out their tea. I just came from Starbucks earlier, so I declined the tea invitation. The boyfriend did get his tea, though. He tried their wintermelon milk tea grande for P65. Not that bad, really.

wintermelon. yum!

I like the taste of their tea. The ice is not really that smooth nor is to hard. I love its texture. My only issue with their tea is their tapioca. I don't really know if I'm too picky or the pearls are too weird for my taste. It's just too hard and gooey for me. I think I got too used with the soft pearls from Bubble Bee Tea House.

They also offer a whole lot of different tea flavors. It can be a good option especially when you want to just chill out on a hot day. It's also a healthy way to do so.

*photos taken with Lucky Super 200 x Minolta Maxxum 3 (FILM BABY!)*

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Short and Sweet at Sweet Little Things

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Sweet Little Things (SLT) opened a month or so ago. I've passed by the place a number of times since it's along the way from UP Lahug to Ayala. However, last Friday was my first time to drop by the place being so busy and all.

Sweet Little Things really live up to its name. The place is quaint and comfortable while offering you cutesy cupcakes. As usual, I got myself a red velvet cupcake while the boyfriend had blueberry crumble. We also had a cappuccino cupcake for takeout. We paired our cupcakes with Bon Appetea teas, which is just a few meters away from SLT.

You can get each cupcake for P58. If you purchase three, however, you only pay P158. I think it's affordable. I really like the place and the ambiance. I now have a new place where I can just sit and have cupcake when having a difficult day. 

The boyfriend being vain. Kidding!

Clockwise from top left: cappuccino, red velvet and blue berry crumble.

*photos taken by the boyfriend, Paw*

Sunday, April 8, 2012

OT: Chill-out at Handuraw

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This is my to-go place when I want to chill and relax from all the stress. I love Handuraw’s ambiance. It seems like a little haven in the middle of the bustling city. I think there’s no need to introduce Handuraw since it already is a name in itself. I'll just post my favorite food here.

Handuraw from the outside.

Chili Chips is probably my ultimate Handuraw favorite. I'm not really into Mexican food but this is something that I would never ever be sick of. There are even those days when I just crave for Handuraw's Chili Chips for no reason at all. Their salsa is really good and yummy. Their pizza is really something that you should try out. Handuraw offers a number of different pizzas. My favorite would have to be their bestselling Handuraw Special. It's definitely a good pizza paired with certain drinks, if you know what I mean. We also had their carbonara which my fave pasta. 

Chili Chips - P68.

Carbonara - P88

Handuraw Special - P338.

The place is also affordable. They have rice meals for around P100. Their pizzas are around P300. We usually spend around P700 for a dinner for two in Handuraw. We already go home really full with that. 

Have I told you that I love the place? Oh, I said that. It has a pretty laid back environment and the mood just makes me want to stay there forever. I also love the service. Their attendants are friendly and attentive. It's really worth a try especially when you're finding yourself stuck with routine. ;)

*Sorry for my long absence. I found myself too busy with the work and finals a few weeks ago that I didn't have much time to think of food or the blog. It's weird since I'm usually pining for a new flavor every week. Anyhow, since I'm still stuck with both work and school responsibilities, I'm currently pining for a break and I thought of Handuraw. So here's a super late post. I'll try squeeze in a blog or two in the coming days. Teehee!*