Monday, June 4, 2012

OT: Big Screen Entertainment

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Want to relive your favorite movie ala iMax mood? Just want to play kinect with a bunch of friends? Then, Big Screen Entertainment is the place to be.

Debs Go of Lomo Connection invited me to come over Big Screen Entertainment yesterday. I've already seen the place in pictures before and it was even better in person.

Guess the movie.

The movie rooms are amazing. The sound system is really good. Peter, the owner of Big Screen, played Avatar in their small/medium room for me. The sounds were really great and ear-popping. The video is projected in a wall that serves as the screen. It's really huge. The big room has a special curved wall for the screen. Peter said he saw this kind of room once and he wanted to make one and share it with other people. And this was how Big Screen Entertainment was born.

small/medium room for 5 persons

big room for 5 persons

Each of these movie rooms have leather seats, which I love by the way. There are also bean bags just in case you'll be bringing more of your friends. Peter also added some stools/side tables with movie posters.

There's a wide array of movie choices that are available for clients. Peter notes that they still have a number of movies that are still coming since they have to be ordered from the US. Their copies are Blu-ray which accounts for the really good sounds.

Kinect room.

Their Kinect rooms are bigger than the usual rooms from other shops. The screen is also projected on the white wall which gives you a really big image. The sound system is also really good. This can be a fun place with your kids or friends, especially when  you want to go physical without going out in the sun. You also have enough space for more people.

You can also get food at their and drinks at their counter. They have slush, popcorn and other food. If you want, you can also bring in some food outside (except drinks) with a corkage of P200.

Debs also have some films and toy cameras displayed. You can buy one if you feel like documenting your movie or Kinect date with your friends. 

If you want to head out to Big Screen, you can find them at the third floor of M2 Business Center in Escario Street in front of Zubuchon.  They are open from 3pm to 12am Monday to Thursday and at Sundays and 2pm to 2am Friday to Saturday.


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@Athena: They also have toy cameras available, too. You can also play kinect while buying. :P

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