Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cupcake Society

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It was another surprise date that brought me to Cupcake Society at Fuente de Oro. It's not really your usual cupcake place since it's located at the lobby of a hotel.

There weren't really much cupcakes available so we just contented ourselves to four different sweets. We got strawberry, red velvet, creme caramel, and blueberry cheesecake. I also got their hot cappuccino (for my colds) while the boyfriend got caramel. Their cupcakes were priced at P60, blueberry cheesecake at P75, creme caramel at P40, cappuccino at P95, and caramel P125

what we partook that afternoon.

cappuccino, red velvet and creme caramel.

hahahaha. squash. xD

Their strawberry cupcake seemed a little "bread-y" to me. I do like the icing but it's just not really enticing. The cupcake did have some sort of strawberry filling which was fun. The boyfriend also liked the strawberry cupcake better. Their blueberry cheesecake wasn't as yummy as I expected it to. It tasted a bit weird at first but you get used to it.

What I did like however was the red velvet and the creme caramel. I brought an icing/candy to go along with my red velvet which was really cute. I like the icing, but the boyfriend disagrees. He found it a bit bland and "hard." It was really okay for me. The creme caramel, on the other hand, is really oozing with sweetness. It's really made for sugar high. 

yummy caramel blended. ♥

What I looooved with Cupcake Society is their caramel blended (cold) drink. It was REALLY good. Just a sip and it was like heaven. It's really milky and sweet that I could just close my eyes and finish the entire thing. I'm not really sure if you'll also prefer milky sweet stuff. Maybe trying that out would really change your point of view.

Generally, I find cupcake society okay. If I'll be back, I'll definitely get the caramel blended for a take out.

*photos by Paw*

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