Sunday, June 10, 2012


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After getting home from the longest out-of-town weekend of my life, we went to the opening of moonleaf in Pelaez Street, near USC main campus last Monday. (Sorry for the late post! Dx )

I really had no idea where the place was having no internet for the entire weekend. It was a surprise/welcome-back milk tea date that the boyfriend planned. While walking and finding our way through the streets downtown, we were lucky enough to meet a waitress giving away fliers. She then took us to moonleaf.

As usual, we got the wintermelonmilk tea and passion fruit green tea.  Their teas don't have pearls in them though, when you buy them so you have to buy the extras and add them to your drink.We only spent P150 for both teas, which is really affordable than usual.

passion fruit and wintermelon. ♥

I really love their passion fruit green tea. It was good and it has a fruity kick to it. The wintermelon was also good. I was a bit disappointed with the tapioca pearls though. I was expecting them to be soft and chewy like Bubble Bee's. However, the pearls were very much similar to other tea houses in the metro. So we concluded that maybe this is the real taste tapioca for milk tea. Nevertheless, their passion fruit green tea was great. Maybe I would't get the tapioca pearls next time. I think it's still good enough without them.

The owner (I think he is) later on approached us and told us that we could actually ask for the sweetness level to be adjusted, depending on your preference. This is similar to Cobo's and Sprockets. This is great for those who are conscious with their sugar intake. But, I like my passion fruit as it is. It's just sweet enough for me.

The place is really cozy. The interior is simple, too. I just think it's too small and there aren't enough tables and chairs. Maybe they could put additional tables outside at night when it's not raining. That's a good idea. They also have a fast internet connection which is a good news to all the leech out there, you know who you are. :P

Moonleaf is definitely a good place for students. Their drinks are affordable that most of the other tea shops in Cebu.

*photos taken by me and Paw*


athena said...

hitting the place ugma!!! if ganahan ko, aw, yey, duha kabuok akong mapalit!!! <3 <3

oolong milk tea O_O
come to meeee~~

Ana Ortiz said...

@Athena: I hope you can already find a good tasting tea house in Cebu. Tell me if you like it. :)

Joyceren GenobaƱa said...

Waaaah! new place. Thanks for this post :D

Bigfood :D

Justinne Go said...

Bigfood brought me to your blog. Cute!

And wow, I think only a few people really appreciate passionfruit and I'm glad to find that you're also one of them! :D

Nice post! Looking forward to more. :D

Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

Mustachio said...

Another milk tea place! It is everywhere! :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Joyceren: No prob. You should drop by the place soon! :)

@Justinne: Thanks so much! passion fruit's a real fave. :)

@Mustachio: I know, right? Another one's coming up real soon. I wonder when this milk tea craze will end.

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