Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Afternoon Date at Cafe Caw

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Cafe Caw is a new place coffee shop in front of Bright Academy. I don't really know how the boyfriend knew of the place. So we set out for Cafe Caw before heading to dinner in Lahug. The cashier said it was pronounced like cafe kaw.

pastels! ♥

 The place is really dainty. It's really an embodiment of all things cute. I can imagine myself being the owner of Cafe Caw. It was just full of little adorable trinkets here and there. There were real live plants outside, too. The tables and chairs were painted pastel and it makes me want to go and run to the nearest meadow and stare at the sky. Okay, I'm exaggerating. But it really is a pretty place.


They have cupcakes, cookies, and fudge on display. They also have different caffeine drinks and food as well on their menu. We ordered cafe macchiato, hazelnut latte, matcha and red velvet cupcakes, cookies and fudge bar. I was expecting so much from their food since they all look yummy. Their cupcakes were a bit disappointing. They were kind of hard. I do like the icing of my red velvet. I do like their coffee and cookies. I just think it's not worth the price. I like their drinks and the cutesy glass mugs with stickers. The boyfriend pointed out though that it was kind of pricey for its size.

Despite all the disappointments with the food, I find Cafe Caw a good place to hang out and maybe study in the early afternoons when there aren't much people. I really enjoyed killing the hours by sitting lazily and talking to the boyfriend.

sweet and cutie dogs we saw outside. *giggle*

*photos taken by Paw*


Mustachio said...

You should have published this before the 27th and I could have avoided this disappointment hehehe :D

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: HAHA. We wen't there on the 26th man but I was too lazy to write. Sorry. No pain, no gain. :P

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