Friday, June 15, 2012

OT: Going Vintage at Cadi Shack Diner

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The love for vintage cars (and everything else vintage) is probably something that the boyfriend and I have in common. I'm really into VW vans and beetles while he's more into Coopers and American cars. That's why when he found out about this place that has a Cadillac on display, he went ecstatic.

So, we went out to Cadi Shack Diner in Mabolo. The place is dainty, comfortable, and 50s inspired. They have diner-esque tables and chairs at the side. Their Cadillac is placed just outside the diner and you can  glance and view it while eating. They also have many Marilyn Monroe pictures hanging about, which I personally like. I also spotted some vintage video recorders and a camera which sparked my interest. They also have model vintage cars displayed on the counter.

We got their fish with tomato and basil, chicken noodle soup, chips and dip, and pork steak. Their food is good for two persons. I really enjoyed their fish and chicken noodle soup. The soup was really yummy and it smelled nice. The fish, on the other hand, melts in your mouth. I really loved it. What I didn't like was their chips and dips and pork steak. The chips was a bit burnt for my taste. The dip also lacked the spiciness that I anticipated. I also found the pork steak not as tender as I wanted it to be. The boyfriend did like it but he thought that the steak depended too much on the gravy for more flavor.

The boyfriend wanted to note that when you want to add extra gravy for your pork steak, you need to add P20. 

me. :)

I think the Cadi Shack Diner is a really great place if you want to have dinner without competing with other people. Their prices are reasonable and it's good "getaway restaurant" away from the crowd. It's also a unique restaurant that's lets you enjoy your meal in a different atmosphere.

*photos taken by Paw*


Justinne Go said...

I've been curious about this place. Pass by the corner everyday. Hehe. Looks nice. :)

Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

Mustachio said...

I see Paw taking your picture :-)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Justinne: You should try the place. They don't really have great food but it's definitely interesting. :)

@Mustachio: I'm not really sure if he's taking a picture of me or of himself in the mirror (vain photo). ;)

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