Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sans Rival: A Side-trip to (Second) Home

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I am really from Cebu but my parents are staying in Negros Oriental specifically, Bayawan City. My roots are really from Cebu. My mother decided to work in Bayawan and focus on my grandfather's farm seven years ago. So, I'm studying in Cebu while they are in Negros.

My brother and I went to Negros three weeks ago to visit my then sick grandfather. He was still alive back then. Before going directly to Bayawan City, I spent my an afternoon in Dumaguete City with Nikki, a high school classmate.

I wanted to try out a local cafe so she took me to Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries. We were just in Robinson's Dumaguete at that time so we went off.

Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries in Robinson's Dumaguete.

This was the Sans Rival branch in Robinson's so it wasn't that big. I like the cafe primarily because it was all blue (insert bias here). Anyway, I like the ambiance of the cafe. Like another coffee shop, it was a good place for conversation and for catching up on old times.

Nikki just got herself coffee while I ordered Sans Rival butter and Silvanas which were their specialties. I personally don't have any idea how any of those tasted prior to my visit. I first tried their Silvanas, which I thought were somewhat like Baye-Baye, a delicacy of Bayawan. To my surprise, Silvanas were just like small round cookies. The Sans Rival Butter were thinner than I expected.


Silvanas tasted so good. The butter cream filling inside oozed with every bite and the sweetness overtakes you. I only ordered one at that time and was too lazy to make another order. I just had lunch so I was too full to eat. 

Sans Rival Butter.

The Sans Rival butter also tastes good. It has some nuts on it and strips of butter. I like its sweetness and how the nuts seem to give neutralize it and give it more texture. But, I loved the Silvanas more.

I like B-L-U-E and flowers.

Sans Rival also offered different pasta, sandwiches and other beverages. What's amazing is that they offer everything at such affordable prices. Their Silvanas only cost P12 per piece or P105 for a box of ten. Sans Rival Butter cost P26 per slice and 195 for a whole. Their coffees only range from P65 to P100. You can dine here even with a limited budget.

The box of Silvanas I bought home.


Casey Moncal said...

Hi ate melay,

tbh, im a fan of this blog! and i wanted to try out all the foods you talked about (well, except for the ones that i already tried) :D hope you'll have more entries!!! :D

Ps i've been to this place na sad but i ordered the mango cloud and blackforest cakes, was yummy too! :D

Ana Ortiz said...

@casey: Thanks so much dear! I really appreciate your kind words. I'll be posting other shops as well. Daghan pa mi adtoonon.

Lage! I wanna try their carrot cake but I was too lazy to order. Maybe, next time when I visit Dgte again.

Teehee! :)

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