Friday, November 9, 2012

OT: Sam's 50's Diner

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Sam's Diner opened a few months back and since that day, we've wanted to drop by the diner. We were intrigued mainly because of their interesting 50's theme. You should know that the boyfriend and I love everything vintage. So, this restaurant is definitely perfect for us.

We though we need to spend a lot just to have dinner at Sam's. We were a bit afraid that we'd go out of budget. We were surprised to see that their meals are affordable. They fit every student's budget for a filling meal in between classes.

When we got there, we were all jittery and excited. We were amazed at the trinkets that are around the little diner. Sam's Diner is just like those diners you commonly see in American movies. Everything was just as we though it would be.

Phillly's cheese steak

Sam's special.

sizzling burger steak.

vanilla milkshake

apple cobbler

We got their Philly cheese steak (P130), Sam's special with fries (P125), sizzling burger steak (P65), vanilla milkshake (P95), and apple cobbler (P75).

The Sam's special (burger) was really good. The boyfriend was raving how good it was for its price. The Philly cheese steak was also good. The cheese didn't overwhelm the mushrooms and beef in the sandwich. It all worked well and had a great taste. I couldn't finish it all by myself, though which is a shame. The burger steak is delicious and tender. Their sauce was unique and added an interesting taste to the steak. Their milkshake was definitely my favorite. It was really sweet and yummy. A glass wasn't enough for me, though. A part of me wished milkshakes came in a liter, just like Coke. Their apple cobbler was also good and a nice way to end a sumptuous meal. It was definitely really sweet, sadly too much for my taste even. But it was really cinnamon-y and has a kick to it.

I really love the fact that their theme is very consistent. Their chairs, decors, and their tissue holder are all vintage. Their songs are even from the 50s. What amazed me was their sink, for washing your hands, is also vintage. The place is definitely cool. It would be even awesome to have lunch here frequently.


i♥pinkc00kies said...

yummmmeeeh :)

Joyceren GenobaƱa said...

The ambiance was really cool right?
I loved the place! Nice post.

Ana Ortiz said...

@pinkc00kies: it's a good and affordable place that you have to try. ;)

@JM: Yesss! Definitely cool. We loved how vintage-y it was. :)

Mustachio said...

Naa kay picture sa sink? Na curious ko hehehe

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: I dunno if maklaro but kanang second to the last picture. Kanang end sa hall kay naay murag chef-like figure sa table, mao na ang sink. XD cooler in person, to me ha. :)

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