Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Heart Tea

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I've mentioned in a previous post that Heart Tea was expecting a new change. So about a month ago, Frank of Heart Tea invited me and the boyfriend for their relaunching at GILT. There were also other bloggers and people from the media who were invited for the event. I was pretty much excited for this relaunch since Heart Tea will be re-branding and they will offer new flavors. Yay!

GILT is a really pretty and interesting place. The boyfriend and I were conversing about the decors and design. We both love vintage items and decors and the place was filled with them. We couldn't help but take pictures of their interesting knickknacks here and there. Their food was also yummy! During the relaunch I met JM of Big Food (now my Tasteful Life), along with other bloggers in Cebu.

free milk tea at GILT

vintage cash register ♥

Frank announced that Heart Tea is already offering new popping bobbas to add to their menu. They have cranberry, blueberry, mango, and orange among other bobbas. We were given samples of the popping bobbas and I tell you, they were yummy. I love the blueberry popping bobba with the wintermelon. Frank also mentioned they have other flavors, like caramel and others, which are still on the way.

A few days after the relaunch, the boyfriend and I visited Heart Tea in IT Park and I really like their new stall. The boyfriend and I both got wintermelon (Yay!) with different sinkers. I got the cranberry bobbas, since they don't have the blueberry. The boyfriend, on the other hand, got his orange popping bobbas. Cranberry gives you a fruity pop, which I really like. I think it works well with the wintermelon and is not that overpowering. The orange is also interesting and the boyfriend really enjoyed his share of milk tea. The orange bobbas had a tangy flavor after every pop, which would definitely make you feel alive.

Heart Tea's new stall. :D

PS. I would like to thank Frank and Heart Tea for the GCs we got during the relaunch. I'm hoping to try their new flavors with my GCs. Yay! I'm planning on experimenting on the new bobbas with my favorite Heart Tea milk teas. Can't wait for the caramel. ;)

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