Friday, November 23, 2012

OT: Gabby's Bistro

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There's a little haven in Dumaguete that will take you to Italy without having to pay for the pricey airfare. This haven is called Gabby's Bistro. You can find Gabby's in Florentina Homes, which is like Italy. They have colorful walls and porches with flowers. My friend, Nikki, and I have been planning to go there last June when I visited Negros, but I never had the time. This time, I figured I have to visit Gabby's no matter what.

Their interiors is really cool and filled with cutesy little knickknacks everywhere. There are planes on the ceiling and mini gas pumps on their tables. Their walls have intricate details. I wasn't able to hold myself as I gaze every wall and ceiling. It is a really happy place. The interior was consistent with the exterior design. I so looove the place. What sparked my interest was that their paper placemats can be colored. You can even ask for crayons. Nikki and I hurriedly colored and wrote stuff on our own placemats. You can get yourself busy while waiting for your meals. It's also great for kids.

dory, dory. makes me think of Finding Nemo.

golden chicken.
We got dory in tomatoes (I'm not quite sure if that's the correct name) and golden chicken. We were shocked that they had big servings. Even their rice servings are bigger than those I commonly see in restaurants here in Cebu. I definitely enjoyed my dory. It was soft and the tomato was perfect with it. I even felt the rice on my plate wasn't enough. The chicken was also delicious and tender. I love how generous they were with their side dishes. Their prices are reasonable for the size of their serving. You'll definitely be full after your meal and it's totally worth it.

Their staff were also nice and friendly. They are also accommodating  which I really like. They, however, take time to serve you. The good thing is they have bells on tables, which you can use to ring the staff when you're ready to order.

sign that leads you to Gabby's Bistro.
I can't wait to be back in Gabby's Bistro next time. I wasn't able to try their desserts because we were already full. I won't miss it next time I'm back in Dumaguete City. Hopefully, I'll try to leave more space in my stomach for more food. ;)


Mustachio said...

Haha! We ate at the same places when we were in Dumaguete :-)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Mustachio: I noticed that one, too! Haha. We didn't go to Scooby's though. Will post more blogs soon. :)

MEB said...

Na excite ko sa amung dumaguete trip.. i wanna try here sad:P i think i know you.. taga UP ka sa? nag kuyog ta once sa field, ur with sunstar. hehehe. Hope you'll visit mine too. your blog makes us hungrrry. hehe :D

thanks! :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@MEB: Hello! Yep, I'm from UP. What school are you from diay? Sorry, I'm bad with names jud. Dx

Thanks for dropping by! :)

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