Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Taho: Authentic Filipino Mornings

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Growing up, taho, has been my favorite treat. Every Sunday morning when we were still kids, the taho vendor would pass by our then compound. My brother and I would ask our mother to buy taho for us. She would get us a mug-full of taho each for only P5 each. That was 10 years ago.

Taho is made from soy beans, sugar and pearls. Imagine having soy milk with sugar syrup and sago or tapioca pearls. Yum!

A special taho. It's in my mug! ♥

I love taho. It's probably one of the best things in the morning. I love its sweetness that is overpowering. I just love the softness of the soy and the sugar syrup in it. I don't like the sago pearls with my taho so I always ask the vendor not to put them in my mug. But most people like sago pearls (I'm just picky like that). 

Having just taho makes one feel full. Most often when I don't feel like having breakfast, I just have taho. I would wait for the vendor to come by our house around 9AM. That's usually my breakfast (I know it's unhealthy). 

Taho is most often sold in the mornings by the vendor. The vendor walks around the different areas and communities trying to sell their taho.The taho, that the vendor carries, is still unmixed. So, the vendor carries two big cylindrical metal containers. The bigger container carries the soy while the other one carries the sugar syrup and the pearls. They carry these through a long wooden stick placed on their shoulders.  I salute all those taho vendors since it's not that easy to carry those early dawn til mid morning with not much earnings for their family.

Close-up of taho minus the sago.

Anyway, taho can be found almost anywhere in the Philippines especially along the sidewalks near schools. One can encounter these taho vendors most especially during dawn when they just got their taho ingredients from their suppliers. Taho is one of those amazing foods that a Filipino can associate himself/herself with. It's something that makes a morning truly Filipino.


Alisa said...

When I posted a picture of this on my facebook account,all my friends overseas made different comments about how much they missed this.

Ana Ortiz said...

@Alisa: I know! Even my friends who come back here would always want to have taho again. It's something that's distinctly Filipino.

Meream said...

I've only had taho once in my life. Because I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to street food. Haha! But I loved it!

Ana Ortiz said...

@Meream: My aunt is also scared of taho. She has never eaten one in her entire life and she's 52. Good for you, you tried at least once. :)

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