Thursday, July 14, 2011

Going Japanese at Micky's Cafe

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I keep passing by this shop every time I go home from school. I first tried Mickey's two years ago when a friend, who was half-Japanese, invited me and another friend to have some cake. Nanami, my half-Jap friend, was close friends with the owner, Mickey, who was also a Japanese. After that, I wasn't really able to come back until recently.

Their cutee counter. ♥

The boyfriend and I decided to go to Mickey's for our special day, although it was more of my decision. One thing that I really like about Mickey's is that it has a cool ambiance. It helps you to relax. It has cozy interiors that makes you really feel at home.

The set-up. Lovely!

The boyfriend got himself a slice of lemon cheesecake while I got me a slice of rare chocolate cake. We also had ganash chocolate and iced tea.

Rare chocolate cake.

My chocolate cake had this really full taste but not that too empowering. I like the chocolate shavings and the texture of the layers of chocolate in it. It's sweet and chocolatey. I like the texture of the cake that shifts from soft to grainy.

Lemon cheesecake.

I love the lemon cheesecake. It was so soft and it melts in the mouth. The boyfriend, who is a cheese fanatic, also loved it. He liked having real lemon on top of the cake. But, he said that the slice was too small for him, which I also agree. He wanted more cheese in it but I found it just enough for my taste.

Ganash chocolate! ♥

Ganash chocolate is made from rum and chocolate. You wouldn't really smell the rum in the ganash. The smell of the chocolate overpowers it. It also has a good chocolatey taste to it. It may come out a bit strong because of the little rum in it which I like.

Iced tea! ♥

Pouring the milk. Fun! :)

The boyfriend and I found their iced teas quite interesting. We got the cold ones with milk. You have to put the milk and the sugar to your glass which we found to be fun. I also love how it tastes. It really refreshes you.

The cute sugar and milk containers.

Both cakes we ordered were only P95 per slice. You can also buy a whole if you want to. Ganash costs P18 per piece. Our iced tea with milk cost P70 each. Their drinks are from P60 above. They also have other coffee available including pasta and rice meals.

The exterior of Mickey's Cafe.

Mickey's Cafe is open from 11am to 7pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Unfortunately, they're closed during the Mondays. You can easily spot Mickey's Cafe since it has a sign that's in Japanese and has Japanese Cakes outside. It's near Parklane Hotel so you can't miss it.

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