Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baye-Baye: It's the Smell

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As I've mentioned in a previous blog, I stayed in Negros Oriental for two years when I was in my third and fourth years in high school. I spent the last half of my high school life in a Catholic school in Bayawan City. And, living there has exposed me to a new dialect and a new culture. One of the things that I have discovered in Bayawan was their delicacy, the Baye-Baye.

I first knew about this during my first few days in Bayawan. I keep on passing this peculiar store that produces this attracting aroma that I'm sure comes from a certain food. Well, that was actually the scent from the grinding of the ingredients for Baye-Baye. 

Baye-Baye is made from roasted glutinous rice (pilit), bukayo which is candied strips of young coconut, and sugar.

Just a third left. The only pic I got. Everything else was eaten already when I got home.

Originally, Baye-Baye was said to be brought by the migrants from Iloilo to Bayawan City. From then on, Baye-Baye has already been a favorite snack by the people and is the usual treat that visitors eat when in town. Baye-Baye has also been the favorite pasalubong of the visitors to their friends and families. 

The Baye-Baye in Bayawan looks like a sandwich. It is unlike the Baye-Baye in Iloilo which is more of a roll. The Iloilo version is more of sticky. The one in Bayawan is more of starchy.

I honestly don't really like Baye-Baye but it tastes good. It has a sticky sandwich-y feeling when you eat it but the coconut that is at the middle negates the sticky texture of the pilit. I like its aroma even more. To me, it has a calming effect. The scent attracts me to take a bite. It's soft and marshmallow-y. 

You can actually buy ready made Baye-Baye in Morgado's Special Baye-Baye and in Ivon's Baye-Baye. You can buy three pieces for P100. You can also buy your own ingredients and have either of these stores make Baye-Baye for you. You only have to pay a nominal price.  

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