Tuesday, July 12, 2011

KitKat Bites Ice Cream: The Art of Cheap Date

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So, we were less moneyed, like the usual and pining for something cold and sweet. The boyfriend just got himself a new CamelBak, so he gave an ice cream treat. We were at first torn between Gelatissimo and this special Nestle ice cream we found at a local drugstore. Since we've tried Gelatissimo (but haven't featured it), we just decided to go for that Nestle ice cream.

There were three options for us.  There was Baby Ruth ice cream, Kit Kat Bites ice cream and Crunch ice cream. It's like having your favorite chocolate in ice cream version. So being the Kit Kat girl that I am, I opted for the Kit Kat Bites ice cream. We got ourselves 800mL of ice cream for about P70. It was a bargain.
Our ice cream. ♥

We just went to the Food Avenue in Metro Ayala and got ourselves spoons and dug in. Imagine Kit Kat in small bite sized pieces floating in chocolate. But this time, the chocolate is frozen. I like the entire idea of having Kit Kat in my ice cream. I just love tasting the bits and pieces of Kit Kat found all over the ice cream.

It's blurry but the white chunks you see are the Kit Kat bites.

I'm really sorry for the boyfriend since I cheated and ate more Kit Kat bites than he did. He found out that I ate them all. :P

Although the Kit Kat Bites ice cream is good, its chocolate, unfortunately wasn't all that creamy. Yes, sure it was chocolate but not as chocolatey as I wanted or expected it to be. Nevertheless, it was a good buy and enjoyed looking for the Kit Kat in the ice cream. We will surely try the other ones soon, especially you Baby Ruth!


paw2x said...

tsk tsk.

Christina said...

Oh cheap dates, cheap thrill. As long as you're with the person you love <3 Have you heard of Kitkat cake? Haha. It's sold somewhere in Raintree Mall.

And... Selecta has Reese's ice cream too! It's my favorite!!

p.s. Unbreak. Unkit-kat. Nothing, I just like saying that XD

Ana Ortiz said...

@Christiina: Hahaha! I like cheap dates! Just shows you don't have to spend just to have a date. Hahaha! No, I haven't. But really? Guess I'll try that out real soon.

Oh, Reese! I love Reese! I haven't seen that one though. Maybe on the next trip to the grocery store, I'll check that out.

Hahaha! Have a break? Hahaha! Funny. XD

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