Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bon Appetea

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Tea houses are popping up like mushrooms lately. They're almost everywhere. Some restaurants are even having their own version of teas or bubble teas. One of the latest tea houses in the city is Bon Appetea located just on the side of Quest Hotel in Ayala Business Park.

The place is really cozy. We passed by the place a few weeks ago and it was crowded. We were lucky that there was only one person in the shop, aside from the attendants. We didn't really know what to drink so we got the what we though we liked.

Freedom wall. Cool!

Their Yakult teas really strucked me and got my attention. I'm a big Yakult fan despite my age. LOL. Their medium Yakult teas cost P70 while the large ones are P80. They also have other interesting teas as well. I got myself a passion fruit Yakult tea. The boyfriend, meanwhile, got his large matcha salt and cheese foam for P110. When we got the teas, we were kind of surprised that they didn't have any tapioca pearls. We thought that the pearls were already included in the price. Now, we know what the add-ons are for.

I really like my tea since it's refreshing and perfect for a long hot day. I've always loved passion fruit both as a flavor and as a scent. I really didn't like the matcha salt and cheese foam. I just couldn't appreciate the weird taste. If anyone of you likes their salt and cheese foam variants, please leave a comment and tell me why you like it. The matcha one tastes like seaweeds. It's like getting choked in the sea.

Yakult passion fruit and matcha salt and cheese foam.

Well, hello there Kuya! :)

One thing that really bothered me when we were waiting for our teas is that there was some random guy inside who would butt in our conversations. It was very rude of him. The boyfriend and I were talking if there was Wi-Fi in the area. He would give unnecessary comments even if he wasn't asked. I thought he was the owner, but the boyfriend pointed out that he looked like a worker from somewhere. I don't mind him butting in at all, I just don't want to be talked to in such a tone that would make me want to slap someone. It's also not good for the business as customers might not want to come back. Anyhow, that's just my opinion. (Just ranting! XD)

Bon Appetea also has another branch in front of USPF Lahug. You can visit either branch and just enjoy a good sip of healthy tea.

*photos taken by the boyfriend, Paw*

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