Friday, May 25, 2012

Liloan Halo-Halo

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We went to Liloan to check out a halo-halo store out of impulse. Blame it to the long hot summer days that make you want to take a bath in ice.

We really don't have an idea where the ice cream store is. All the info that we got from the internet is that it is near the Lilo-an church. When we got there, it was fairly easy to find. You just have to look for Lita's Special Halo-Halo and Snack Haus. They look like a small sari-sari store on the side of the road. Don't expect to eat halo-halo in an air-conditioned room. You eat yours on the side of the road so prepare yourself for trucks and cars passing by.

I was expecting so much from this halo-halo store since a friend told me it was good. I was a bit disappointed. We ordered the ordinary and the special halo-halo. These halo-halo cost below P50 which is really affordable. The special ones have more ice cream than the ordinary. One thing I noticed about the halo-halo is that the ice were a bit hard and rough. I don't really like rough halo-halo. You'd know this if you've read my previous posts with my fave halo-halo stores, Cool Savers and Razon's. However, if you don't really mind the ice, then it's not a problem. What I did like about their halo-halo is the melon. It's the peculiar ingredient in their own version. I like the taste of melon in the halo-halo. Overall, I find their halo-halo just okay.

LIta's Halo-Halo just across the Liloan Sports Complex

I really don't recommend going all the way to Liloan just to try out their halo-halo. It's not really worth all the distance. However, if you're just within the vicinity or you are heading to Papa Kits, you can definitely go and check it out.

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athena said...

wa pa jud ko katilaw og halo-halo nga naka wow ko. :(

Ana Ortiz said...

@Athena: Maybe I'm too easy to please. You should try Coolsavers. Cheap and good place! :)

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