Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cool Savers: A Great Discovery

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Just last Suday, we had an acquaintance party for our org in DBTC. It was fun and somehow tiring so after the event, I thought of inviting my outdoor friends to this place I wanted to try out for a long time. What took me by surprise is that a friend owned the place.

Cool Savers is located in C. Padilla. I never even knew about it despite the fact that I pass by the area on my way to my cousin's place. It was the boyfriend who told me about the place, last year. We wanted to try the place for so long but we didn't have the time. 

Their menu.

Cool Savers is a small carenderia-ish shop that you'll see along the streets of C. Padilla. You'll  be mistaking it for a real carenderia since they are set up to look like one. The shop is small and simple. There are a number of plastic tables and chairs. It doesn't look as impressive as it seem. It looks so ordinary. But wait till you order their desserts and you'll see what I mean.

Mais con Yelo. 

Since I haven't really tried this place, I wasn't expecting much. I was with a group of friends (the owner included) and we just got our desserts. Four of my friends, including the boyfriend got the Super Special (halo-halo). This is their biggest serving of halo-halo for only P48. I got the Special (halo-halo), instead for just P38. I couldn't really finish off even a glass of halo-halo, what more a bowl? And I like this one better since it doesn't have mongo. I love mongo beans, I just don't like it in halo-halo. Another friend got Mais con Yelo. 

Super Special. 

I loved my share of halo-halo! I'm not really a fan of halo-halo, except Razon's. But when I  tried Cool Savers' halo-halo, it was different. I don't like really to have a lot of things going on with my halo-halo but this is added to the list of exemptions. I just love how the things blended in with each other. I love the ingredients they put in and it's without mongo!I also love their ice. It's not coarse. It has a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. It's even way better than the overrated ChowKing halo-halo that's even more expensive. This is the first halo-halo that I've finished all by myself ever! I even cannot finish off Razon's. 

My special halo-halo. ♥

This is certainly a must-try place. If you want a simple date with good food, Cool Savers is the place to be. You're sure that you get the value out of your money. You can tag along a couple of friends or even have date here. If you want to try out their cool stuff, they are just located in C. Padilla area before you get to Jai-Alai. They also have a branch in Talisay. My friend said that most customers drop by their place most often during Sundays, but you can pass by here Mondays to Sundays. Just ring the bell you see in the counter and you're ready to be served.

The front of the small shop.

Note: I'm not paid by my friend to do this. She can attest to that. We paid for our halo-halo ourselves and had the same great experience. ;)

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