Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nag-Handuraw Ako

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I love Handuraw. It's one of the best places to chill with friends and talk. I like the ambiance and the feel of the restaurant. Aside from the fact that it's walking distance from school, I love their food especially the drinks. It's one of those few places that lets you enjoy good company. 

Yesterday, the boyfriend and I went to Handuraw to support a friend who performed. Some of our other friends also came to show love to the friend's band. New wave bands were represented by some of the great local talents. It happened that our friend's band played for The Cure.

This is the poster from the Handuraw gig. This poster is not mine.

We got ordered food, drinks and talked the night away. It was fun to have such a great set of friends and just talk and/or make fun of each other. Unfortunately I wasn't able to take shots of the food that we got since I was too focused on my dessert and the bands that played.

Anyway, I originally wanted to order frozen Brazo de Mercedes. Unfortunately, they ran out of Brazos so I just opted for an ice cream cake due to a friend's suggestion. Although I've eaten a whole lot in Handuraw with my almost five years stay in college, I've never really thought nor tried to check out their desserts. Every time I eat there, I can only think of pizza, pica-pica and pasta. 

My ice cream cake. Perfect way to start a night. ♥

I like their ice cream cake. It felt a bit chewy. I like the texture of the cake that you can taste with every bite. The ice cream topping is also good as it provides a different texture to the cake when eating. 

The problem with the ice cream cake is that the ice cream may be melted once it gets to you. My friend got hers intact while mine was already melted. It's a bit sad but I still enjoyed my ice cream cake. 

The friend and his band.

It was a fun night. But I was Cinderella so I had to leave before the clock strikes twelve. It was my curfew! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the good food, company and good music even if I wasn't able to listen to all the bands. Now, I'm currently listening to Catch by The Cure. Guess I'll be having a new wave syndrome for a few weeks.

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