Friday, June 3, 2011

OT: Why I Read?

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Reading is a hobby that I took from my mother. My mother is one of the most avid readers that I know, aside from my Aunt. When we were younger my mother used to give us books as presents, believe it or not. I still have the loads of children's books my mother bought us for those past Christmases. My mother didn't read to us, she would tell us to read the book during free time. But, it was only me who took up the interest of reading. My brother liked reading too, but he preferred encyclopedias and those science books with brief explanations.

My current read. Fave author. ♥

I read books because I always felt that there was more to the world I see. I wanted to be in another world, so unreal yet realer for me. Books were my escape. Reading would take me in a far away land where anything was possible. It took me to Bath, to the mountains of Washington, to Britain, to Ireland, to Israel and to other places.

I read to calm myself. There are times when I just feel so choked and so uneasy that I would take up a book to read. This answers questions why I bring a book when mountain climbing. I usually have a book ready for those awkward moments when in school or attending forums and meetings.

The Lord of the Flies. Budlaan on the way to Kan-irag. Photo Credits to Jona Bering.

I guess I was the type that never had friends. I did have friends but I always had the feeling that they really did not want me. It's something that I still feel to this day. Books were my loyal friends. I know they wouldn't forsake me or leave me. I know they will stand by me. Books gave me the assurance that I am okay and thought of, that I matter. I can trust the feelings that books express. Theirs are permanent. Man has temporary and fleeting ones.

Books in my pending list. Looong way to go.

Another thing is that I love the smell of books. A new and unopened book with fresh pages is like heaven. The feel of its pages on my fingers will linger till I finish reading it. Books are like women. They are fragile. They need tender caresses and touch. You have to read them carefully because you might misinterpret them. Some are difficult to read but you are sure that pursuing would be worth your while.

I could not say more about books.They are just perfect buddies. They are the best date with coffee and a blueberry cheesecake. Food and good book, perfect combination! ♥


Christina said...

Yay! I remember during the trek with Paw2x in Budlaan, I also brought a book (coz like you, I bring books to save me from boredom or uneasiness) and he mentioned you about doing the same. Heeee :) As for me, I love the smell of old books. Aaaaah!! I have very old copies (1950's) of Austen's books and others, which I bought from this bargain store in downtown. I'll tell you about the store nia ;)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Tina: Yeah! Just having a book stashed in your bag makes you feel comfortable right away, the wonders of a book. Speaking of Jane Austen, I'm almost complete with my Jane collection. Weee! Paw2x mentioned about you finding a copy of Animal Farm for a cheap price. Hahaha! Can't wait for that! I hope I'll find one as well! :)

Mustachio said...

Ohhh the smell of a new book! Ahhhhh!!

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