Wednesday, June 15, 2011

M is for Mexican at La Delicia

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For our anniversary, the boyfriend thought of having a Mexican dinner. We first thought of an Indian restaurant that a friend suggested, but he was more into Mexican. So he searched for restaurants that are more or less close to the authentic ones and he found: La Delicia.

We went there for dinner since it's just a tricycle away from the boyfriend's place in Lapu-Lapu. It is not that easy to locate it since it's in the second floor of MSG Square in Pueblo Verde. I thought it was a small restaurant since the building was small. But what's shocking is that the restaurant occupied the entire floor. I was sort of hesitant to get in but the restaurant was great and cozy. I like the ambiance. The colors and the furniture will set your mood for Mexican food. 

The view from our spot.

They had two set of dining room with big (biiiiiiig) windows. I opted for the one facing the mad-made lake in Pueblo Verde since it has a better view than the other one wherein you'll only be seeing Robinson's.Unfortunately, the noise from the tricycles and jeeps passing by can be heard and may be a bit distracting to some.

The boyfriend's order: Grande burrito.

So, I got Mexican spicy beef taco. The boyfriend had The Grande burrito. We also got their La Suprema Pizza.I love their taco. It tasted good. The tortilla is really crisp. They serve a whole lot of other Mexican food like quesadilla, tostado, enchiladas, burrito, Mexican pizzas and others. The price is reasonable. I wasn't even able to eat my share of the pizza so the boyfriend had to eat them all.

Mexican spicy beef taco! ♥

What I noticed about La Delicia is that they don't use ketchup or hot sauce. They really make the sauce themselves from herbs. The waiter also told us that they do not use artificial lime for drinks. They use fresh limes. The boyfriend also told me that he read in a forum that the owner gets his ingredients from Mexico. Hmm. Interesting!

La Suprema pizza.

The exciting part, drum roll please, is the dessert. I had the churros which was a Mexican all-time favorite. I had really no idea what this looked like since I just usually eat Tacos. I really had no idea about the  The boyfriend got the La Delicia fried ice cream.

The churro is a Spanish doughnut, I did my research. It is a fried pastry which originated in Spain. It also famous in the Latin American countries, the US, Australia, Portugal and others. Other countries have their own variations of churro. In Mexico, they usually fill it with dulce de leche or a caramel-like sauce, with chocolate or vanilla. I had mine with chocolate.

Churro. ♥

The churro taste good. I like the sweetness and the concentration of the chocolate. But, I think it would be better to have it during breakfast. I don't know. Eating made me feel like having breakfast with hot chocolate. That would be perfect!

La Delicia fried ice cream.

Their fried ice cream on the other hand was also good, though I'm not really a fan of those. Of course, I love the ice cream inside which was creamy. I just don't like the fried part. This is just what I think but the boyfriend enjoyed it. He liked the idea of the fried ice cream.

The boyfriend with an X on his face. (Not X-men!) Check the walls! Orange!

All-in-all, I found La Delicia truly delicioso! One should never underestimate the capabilities of small restaurants. Moreover, they also have great service. Their waiters are attentive and courteous. They might not be found in major establishments in the city but they have one of the best tasting tacos I have ever eaten.


Justinne Go said...

Cool! Thanks for this! Definitely adding it to my Cebu Secret Chows list. :D

Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Justinne: Hello, Justinne! Unfortunately they went out of business. It's just sad because I think the have yummy dishes. :(

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