Friday, June 24, 2011

Nano Ice Sramble

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When I was younger, I used to envy my friends who were allowed to buy ice scramble outside the school. Our school never had those small stalls that sell food outside. The ice scramble vendor used to come by once a week and stayed near Our Lady of Fatima Parish in Basak. 

My classmates, after school, would go running towards the vendor and buy their ice scramble. At that time, I didn't have an allowance yet. I would go to my mother's office which was also in my school and ask for money. But I wasn't allowed to. My mother told me it was dirty and bad for me. I never questioned her. And that was my sad story with ice scramble. 

My first order of Nano. Large cup with mallows, rainbow and chocolate sprinkles.

Since I wasn't allowed to eat, I never tried ice scramble. I don't even know how it tastes like until recently. It was by accident when I first bumped into Nano Ice Scramble in SM City Cebu. You can find their food cart on the second floor near SM Department Store. That was after we (the boyfriend and I) went to a trekking adventure with some friends. I wanted to try it out since it was new. 

The ice scramble in Nano is pretty much similar (in looks) with that of the ice scramble sold along the streets. But, I really like the Nano version since it has strawberry ice! Yes, strawberry! I just love it (since it's pink). You can also avail of different toppings on your ice scramble. 

Kiddie cup. ♥

Their ice scramble is available in different sizes. Their large cup costs P17. Their regular is about P14 and their Kiddie cup is for P10 only. When you buy any of those, you get a free teaspoon of skimmed milk and syrup (either chocolate or strawberry) over your cup. You can also get additional toppings like rainbow candies, mallows, chocolate strips and others. The toppings usually vary depending on the availability.

Top view. Mallows, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles and strawberry syrup.

I really like the Nano ice scramble. I like the strawberry flavored ice since it's easier to eat. Although the ice isn't perfectly shaved it doesn't hurt the tongue that much when you start digging in. I also like the toppings since it made eating the ice scramble easier and more fun. I just cannot finish the regular one with just the limited amount of toppings. I prefer the kiddie cup since I can finish everything without much problem.

The Nano Ice Scramble Food Cart in SM City Cebu.

I like the idea of having ice scramble in the mall. At least my mother won't be asking much about the sanitation and others. I think this is also a good way of letting the kids experience ice scramble without any sanitation risks. But, the street version is truly a Filipino way of having ice scramble. I'll probably try one next time.


Meream said...

Ohhh interesting..

Too bad the boyf and I have a too-much-sugar ban Haha :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Meream: OMG! I can't beleive the blogger I idolized just commented. Sorry. Fangirl-ing mode. XD

But anyway, too bad. I hope the ban gets lifted soon. Sugar is good in moderation, just like beer. :)

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