Monday, April 30, 2012

Sprockets Cafe

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For digital photography, lomography, and even analog enthusiasts, you should really drop by Sprockets Cafe. It's a fun place made for the creatives.

They have a really cool lomowall. Being an analog fan, I am smitten. I couldn't resist posing in front of their wall. They also have lomo camera pillows which are sooo adorable. It's like being surrounded with everything I love. The ambiance is also great. They have a casual and comfortable feel which I love.

They have different coffee and milk teas available. We just got honey dew milk tea and wintermelon milk tea. Large milk teas cost P100. You can also choose the sugar level as well, like Cobo's. I got the 100%  sugar level while the boyfriend opted for the 75%. I know, I know. I'm a sugar addict. But it's not really as sweet as it seems. It's just right. ;)

They also serve food like pizzas, quesadilla, nachos and others. However, we just got the quesadilla for P90. It's also good and looks unique. The small pieces make eating easier, in my opinion. I really like the taste of the tomatoes in there and I love the texture. However, the boyfriend thought that their quesadilla tasted like cigarettes which is weird. We wanted to order more but we didn't have much time since I still had some work to do.

Sorry, ate them right away without thinking.

Sprockets Cafe is definitely an affordable place to hang out. It's really conducive for good conversation with friends. I would definitely be going back next time. I can also walk there from school which is really interesting.

I also took the opportunity to buy a roll of expired film since I've already used up my last roll. Sprockets Cafe have fresh and expired films from Lomo Connection. I got myself a roll of Fujifilm Superia XTRA 400. 

I got too excited with this blue sprocket rocket pillow.

Sprockets Cafe is just a short walk away from Ayala Center Cebu. It's located in Apitong Stree and is right beside Sweet Little Things

*photos taken by me, Paw, and the attendant*


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Thanks for featuring this cafe. I have yet to visit this place so you got me pretty excited to sample their fare. I'm sure my friends would be, too. ;)

Ana Ortiz said...


Sure! It's a really great and fun place. You should drop by! :)

ladolcevita said...

Hey! we have instax films, films, camera straps, camera bags, cameras and accessories at Sprockets now! Sorry for the delay! see you Sweet Tooth :) -Sprockets Cafe

Ana Ortiz said...

@Sprockets: Thanks for the update! I was already thinking of dropping by to grab some films. Will do so really soon. :)

John Roel Paquit said...

haha! ka cute sa duha wui.. agi lng, anhi mi later.. -pax

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