Sunday, April 8, 2012

OT: Chill-out at Handuraw

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This is my to-go place when I want to chill and relax from all the stress. I love Handuraw’s ambiance. It seems like a little haven in the middle of the bustling city. I think there’s no need to introduce Handuraw since it already is a name in itself. I'll just post my favorite food here.

Handuraw from the outside.

Chili Chips is probably my ultimate Handuraw favorite. I'm not really into Mexican food but this is something that I would never ever be sick of. There are even those days when I just crave for Handuraw's Chili Chips for no reason at all. Their salsa is really good and yummy. Their pizza is really something that you should try out. Handuraw offers a number of different pizzas. My favorite would have to be their bestselling Handuraw Special. It's definitely a good pizza paired with certain drinks, if you know what I mean. We also had their carbonara which my fave pasta. 

Chili Chips - P68.

Carbonara - P88

Handuraw Special - P338.

The place is also affordable. They have rice meals for around P100. Their pizzas are around P300. We usually spend around P700 for a dinner for two in Handuraw. We already go home really full with that. 

Have I told you that I love the place? Oh, I said that. It has a pretty laid back environment and the mood just makes me want to stay there forever. I also love the service. Their attendants are friendly and attentive. It's really worth a try especially when you're finding yourself stuck with routine. ;)

*Sorry for my long absence. I found myself too busy with the work and finals a few weeks ago that I didn't have much time to think of food or the blog. It's weird since I'm usually pining for a new flavor every week. Anyhow, since I'm still stuck with both work and school responsibilities, I'm currently pining for a break and I thought of Handuraw. So here's a super late post. I'll try squeeze in a blog or two in the coming days. Teehee!*

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