Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dong Juan's Warm Brownie Melt

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This is just a quick post of our recent visit (again) to Dong Juan at Perssimon. We actually planned to drop by their new branch along AS Fortuna. Unfortunately, the restaurant was packed so we opted to go to their Mabolo branch in Perssimon. It was my first time to eat out with our friend, Jay Darius, because he's usually shy. LOL.

The evar cool iced tea glasses. 

Mozzarella sticks. ♥

I was excited to try out Dong Juan's warm brownie melt. We weren't able to order one the last time because we were really full. This time I really had to try it.

I personally like the texture. You have an ice cream on top of the warm brownie. The ice cream is smooth on your tongue. But when you reach the brownie part, it adds a little kick. It's contrasting texture and taste that makes it delectable. I'd definitely try it again on our next visit.

Jay, our official third wheel, and me.

PS. These photos taken by the boyfriend. ♥

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