Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OT: Make a Kid Happy, Share a Hug

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Christmas comes once a year. Like most people, I grew up getting excited about Christmas and all the gifts I'm about to receive. But as I grew much older, the excitement started to decrease. I realized that Christmas really is for kids. Since I started working, I realized that gifts came with a price. You would have to work hard if you want to give away presents, not just for others, but for yourself as well.

When we usually think of presents during Christmas, we usually think of buying things from the mall. Personally, I'd want that animal printed sweater from Forever21 as a gift this year. However, at this time where consumerism is in the air, we forget that we can still give gifts without having to spend so much. One can share time or even talent to those who might just be in need of them.

Photo credit: UP Tsinelas

Share a Hug is an annual event conducted by the UP-Tsinelas chapter. It is a pre-Christmas event that they hold to share blessings to kids in forms of old stuffed animals. We know for a fact that little kids love toys. It's something that every child would expect during Christmas. 

The biggest I own.

I've actually left three of my stuffed animals in school for the event. Don't think that I've no care for them. I'm actually a very sentimental type and letting them go went through a lot of deliberation in my head. However, I've always had a feeling that toys are meant to be played with. I get sad when I see toys or stuffed animals just kept in the drawers. If they could cry, they probably would. It's just like living a purposeless life, or maybe I'm just exaggerating it. 

Mi babies. :">

I've realized that giving them away would give them (my stuffed animals) a second chance in their lives. I'm just leaving them to collect dust at home though I still look at them once in a while. Honestly, I don't use them though it's good to know I still have them. But, this is a bit selfish to keep things that I don't need anymore. They will become useful again, when I've donated them. I know they will be as important as they are to me to those kids who don't have as much as I do. They will regain their purpose to be played with.

My  babies inside the box, as I said my last farewell. :'(

If you want to share some old toys that you have, you can just drop by at the University of the Philippines Cebu campus and ask the guard where the NSMD lobby is. You can see a small box near the guard's table and just leave the toys there. They will receive donations only until this Friday, December 9. You can also donate used and decent clothing for the kids as well. It'll surely put a smile on their faces.


athena said...

nagthink pod ko nga magdonate... :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Athena: You should! Bisan usa lang kay okay na kaayo na. :)

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