Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fudge's Dessert Buffet

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I have been wanting to drop by Fudge for a really long time. This was all because they had a dessert buffet which I had also wanted to try, well I'm after a cake buffet. I don't know any bakeshop that has this kind of buffet in Cebu(if you do, please comment below). Manila has a couple of cafes that offer unlimited cakes, which I really want to try out soon.

I was pretty much excited when I went to Fudge. It was the supposed "last week" of this once a year dessert buffet. Who wouldn't panic at this state? I could already see myself gobbling down different cakes. When we got to Fudge, there were also other customers who were eating. It was my first time there so I felt awkward. I'm shy. LOL.

So, I picked whatever pieces I thought looked yummy, which were all the cakes. They didn't really post the names on the buffet and I didn't bother to ask for the name of the cakes. I regret doing so for blogging reasons. Moreover, I may have eaten something poisonous without even me knowing it. LOL.

When choosing, I only had to point at the slices that I want. The waiter would do the picking for you. I found this process a bit of a hassle since it made me feel awkward to go back for a second batch. But then, this was how their buffet roll. You can freely go back to ask for more cakes if you want to. 

Cakes in cubes.

I loved everything that was on my plate. It was sooo sweet and yummy, as expected. I definitely had my share of sugar high. I originally wanted to eat as much cake as I wanted that day, the boyfriend also thought of the same thing. But, a plateful of these sweet goodies made me feel full to the brim already. I was a bit sad that I wasn't able to get more cake than I expected.

Caffe macchiatto.  ♥

I really love the food there. If only I could eat some more, I would have eaten three or more plates. I wanted to get the most out of what I paid for, which was P190. But so much for that. The only comment that I could give is regarding the size of the slices of the cakes. I thought they were too small. The cakes were cut into small squares which made them bite size, which was also good. 

I would definitely visit Fudge soon, even if their dessert buffet is done. I've got my eyes on the Kit Kat cake I saw there. :)

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