Tuesday, December 27, 2011

OT: Unexpectedly Dong Juan

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We weren't supposed to go to Dong Juan, but two weeks before the date, I suggested the restaurant. I read a few blogs and decided it's worth a try. Their branch at The Perssimmon is the most accessible, so we opted to have our dinner there.

The boyfriend and I didn't really know what to expect since we don't have an idea what they serve and  how they look like. When we got there, the place was small and cozy. I like the unique furniture inside. It had a modern and comfortable feel to it. The staff were very cordial and they readily made us feel comfortable. I just like the ambiance of the place and the boyfriend couldn't agree more.

Our meal. (Left to right) Calamares, all-meat pochero, burger steak, drinks and rice.

Without really knowing what the best food in their menu is, we ordered calamares, linguini with meatballs, all-meat pochero, and burger steak. The food there is unbelievably cheap. We were expecting to pay around P300 for every dish, but each only costs less than P200. The dishes, however, are for two persons only. If you are bringing three or more people with you, it is best to order more food.

A random drink that looked cool. :D

I love their glasses. They're soo unique.

The food was definitely great. I love their burger steak. It tasted really good. The patty was thick and you could really find the herbs in the patty. You'll probably mistake the pochero as soup, but Dong Juan's version is a sizzling one. It's pretty much like the burger steak. The beef was just so tender. It was yummy. What I like about their calamares is their dip. Maybe I just got used to those dips with mayo. However, this one comes with a spicy garlic and honey sauce.

Linguini, our last order.

I'd definitely recommend Dong Juan. It's a nice place to dine with your date or with your friends. The ambiance is nice and the service is great. It's also not as crowded as other restaurants downtown. It's also accessible. Aside from the above mentioned dishes, they also serve pasta, sizzlers and even pizza.


Christina said...

Definitely recommended. I've only tried their Guadalupe branch which was also a nice place (because I am biased for small hidden places hehe). Your money's worth gyud, although I don't spend when I eat there most of the time because my friend's sister owns it. XD

Ana Ortiz said...


Haven't been to the Guadalupe branch since we don't really know where it is. But I've read lots of blogs about the place. You're so lucky! HAHAHA. Eating good food for free. :)

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