Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OT: The Old Spaghetti House

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I've been wanting to go the Old Spaghetti House in SM City Cebu for a really long time. Although the both the boyfriend and I have wanted to go there, we never found time. Most often, we get to go to other restaurants instead.

For the boyfriend's birthday, we planned to go to a local Filipino resto. However, when we were already on the way there, we felt like neither of us feel like eating crispy pata which is the specialty of the resto. We debated for a while and landed on the The Old Spaghetti House. There are never a lot of people there which makes it a desirable place for dinner.

One of the coolest-looking pizzas I've ever seen.

I really like the ambiance of the place. It has a vintage and homey feel that makes you think of your mum's cooking, not that my mother likes Italian food. Their furniture and decors remind me of European bed and breakfast. The restaurant is cozy. They have nice and attentive waiters. You don't have to wait a long time for the food, which is a plus. You get served five minutes after ordering.


We got their Five-Cheese Pizza, Nachos Supreme, Lasagna, and White Sauce Carbonara. I have to say that they really have great food. They were all yummy. Their pizza had thin crust which the boyfriend love. It was also fun since the slices were in strips. It looked cool and it was definitely good, especially if you are a cheese lover like the boyfriend. I love TOSH's nachos! The salsa was just so yummy. If only our own homemade nachos tasted like this. It was probably the easiest food to finish. It just took a minute or so to finish all the chips. It was that good.

Mi lazagna. ♥

The boyfriend's carbonara.

I ordered the lazagna for myself. I think it tasted even better than I expected. I like how soft the cheese was but not too soft that made it difficult to eat. The boyfriend got himself the carbonara. Their carbonara was also really good, though I'm not much of a carbonara fan. 

Green tea (matcha) shake.

Mango shake.

That night, we were so full that we postponed our supposed gelato date. I really love TOSH's food. However, I wasn't able to eat to my heart's content since I wasn't feeling much of myself. I was a bit sick that I couldn't really eat so much and I couldn't really feel the joy of eating. I'd love to go back to The Old Spaghetti House next time and have the same meal again.

After eating everything. 

PS. We spent a grand-ish for our dinner. Not really that affordable but 'twas worth it.

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i like their arrabiatta, pesto w/ chicken, oriental spag ;D

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