Saturday, February 23, 2013

OT: Frontgate

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Trying out new things is what I want to do this year, which includes trying out new restaurants is on the list (which I'm trying hard despite the busy schedule). So, it was great that the boyfriend found this interesting place that we could dine away from the crowd. Frontgate is a teeny carenderia-ish restaurant found at MP Yap Street, near SHS-Hijas.

We had to walk for less than five minutes from McDonald's Escario before we reached Frontgate. It doesn't look special or anything. The place reminded me of drinking tambayans (hangout place). It also had a Mexican-ish feel with the hats and the posters. The overall ambiance was a bit lacking though. However, the place was acceptable to me. 

The boyfriend was really keen on their make-your-own burger a day before we went to Frontgate. However, he ended up ordering bacon mushroom melt, which is among their bestselling burgers. I ordered their curly fries, spaghetti meatball and nachos supreme since I didn't feel like having any burger.  Their known for their make-your-own burger menu, which I'm sure the men would love. Unfortunately, I'm not so much of a burger fan. I've always been a carbo-loading type of gal.

I found their spaghetti just okay. It's not really that special. I was a bit disappointed that it didn't taste as expected. However, it was very filling. Their burger was just okay for me, too. The boyfriend, on the other hand, found it good. He was even able to finish the entire thing. Their fries was alright. It actually tastes like the ones you get from McDonald's.

curly fries

nachos supreme


spaghetti meatball

I did enjoy my vanilla milkshake and their nachos supreme. The milkshake didn't have any cherries unlike the ones I had at Sam's Diner nor was it as good as Sam's. But, I found it yummy and enough to fill in my sweet cravings for the day. Their nachos was definitely good. It was so filling and the ingredients tasted well. It lacked a bit of kick that I wanted, but it's really good. It's our new favorite from Frontgate.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed with Frontgate. Maybe, I was just unlucky with my food choice. However, I think their meals are reasonably priced and are filling, especially if you are hungry. The boyfriend liked the dinner and so we went home so full.


Justinne Go said...

This is possibly Cebu's own version of Army Navy. Great burgers and ze curly fries!!! A perfect midnight craving. O_o

Babe for Food - your BFF in Cebu dining! :)

Ana Ortiz said...

@Justinne: I'd like to think it is. You don't need to eat by hand, though. :)

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