Monday, March 4, 2013

OT: Surfin' Ribs

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I feel like I’m already so late with the new trends and new places in Cebu. This is the price I’ve got to pay for being too busy at work. Anyway, it’s been a couple of months since Surfin’ Ribs opened in the metro and they’ve already become one of the favorite spots of many Cebuanos for their ribs craving. The place is always packed with customers, which gives you more reasons not to miss it.

My friends and I went to Surfin’ Ribs a few weeks back for dinner. It was my first time, unfortunately, even if the place is so close to my school. As expected, the restaurant was filled with hungry customers. We were lucky that we got a table for all of us right away.It was also no-brainer for us to order their famed Pete’s Ribs (P159), plus chili wings (130), and baked penne (P89). You can choose either the spicy ribs or the original one. You can also add side dishes which is great for those who want variety. 

baked penne

my meal for the night: Pete's ribs

spicy Pete's ribs

chili wings

You won’t be disappointed with their ribs because I know I’m not. It was very tender and every bite was flavorful. It’s no wonder why their ribs are sought after. Their baked penne was also good. The texture of pasta and corned beef was just right and it was tasted so well. I’m honestly not a fan of chicken, so I don’t really enjoy eating chicken dishes. Their chili wings are not really that spicy to suit my already-too-spicy palette. The chicken, however, is juicy and soft. I’m sure chicken fanatics would like it, as my dinner companions did. All of us enjoyed our meal and it was very filling. We went home filled with good conversation and good food.

I would definitely go back to Surfin’ Ribs again. Their food is reasonably priced and so tasty. It’s a good place to bring guy friends or female friends with manly appetites (like me). I think it’s a great place for barkadas (group of friends) and co-workers to eat out for dinner. I really love the place and I can’t wait to devour one of their Pete’s ribs again.


Mustachio said...

Wala gyapon ko ka try sa Surfin Ribs :-( Every time I go there walay stock sa claws :-(

Evia said...

I think it was delicious :)) Nice post.
Evia xxx

Food Gawker said...

Naa pa diay ni sila? I've always wanted to try it but each time I pass by (though during the day), the place seems to be closed. Maybe they're only open in the evenings? I found my way here through
Mustachio Ventures. :)

Jo-Ann @Food Wanderings In Asia

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