Sunday, August 12, 2012

Llew's Mudpies Part ii

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A series of stressful days brought me and the boyfriend to Llew's Mudpies again. The last time we visited (read here), we failed to try their famous s'mores. We realized we missed half of our lives. So we took the opportunity to taste their s'mores.

Llew's s'mores only cost P25 each. That's for both warm and cold s'mores. It's really affordable and fits a student's budget well. They have different flavors for their cold s'mores, like pistachio, vanilla, and others. Unfortunately, they only had choco mint at that time. So, we contented ourselves to choco mint cold s'mores.

forzen choco mint s'mores

hot s'mores. (sorry it's out of focus.)

I really like their s'mores, both the hot and the cold one. I really love munching the cold s'mores. It's really yummy and filling. You could also really taste the ice cream flavor in between the graham crackers. It also blends well with the graham cracker. With the hot s'mores, you could really taste the chocolate and marshmallows. It really is yummy! Before, I couldn't really get it why people would look like a mess while eating s'mores. I now get it.


I think their s'mores has gotten into me since I've been thinking of s'mores lately. I've been wanting to make my own. Maybe I just will. ;) I'll definitely be back, Llew's.

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Evia said...

Delicious food :)
Evia x

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