Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Corner Bakery

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The Corner Bakery is a cute bakery in Mabolo. It's not really something that one can pass by on a regular basis since you'd have to do a bit pf walking to get there, unless you have your own ride. It's a small cafe but filled with different pastries and desserts.

The place reminded me of the small stalls in Paris. Their tables and seats also reminded me of Paris cafes. Even if it's not located beside the main road, this little cafe has a steady stream of customers and many patrons. There were many people who dropped by the Corner Bakery while we were there.

We got ourselves a red velvet cupcake, red velvet cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake and green tea chocolate. You'd know by now that I'm in love with anything red velvet. So I'd have to try theirs. Their products are also reasonably priced which is good. They also serve iced service water to drown all that sweetness. Yay to that!

(out-of-focus) blueberry cheesecake

red velvet cheesecake

Their red velvet wasn't as yummy as I expected but it was really good. The same goes with their red velvet cheesecake. I can't point it out but there's just something missing. Their blueberry cheesecake was definitely yummy. You can really taste the cheese in every bite. It was really good. I did like their green tea chocolate. It tasted a bit weird but it was definitely yummy. It really is like matcha in your chocolate. It was one of the most interesting chocolates I've ever tasted.

Probably, the only thing I could comment on is their service. They have this one attendant who was not really that accommodating and made me feel like we shouldn't have gone there. However, all that negativity was compensated by the other attendant who cheerfully brought us water. I hope I that negative attendant won't serve us next time.

I would definitely be back to Corner Bakery really soon so I can try their other pastries and desserts. I heard that they serve really good pizza and bolognese as well, so I might try that on my next trip.

PS. The red velvet photo is missing because it was awfully shot. Sorry, my digicam died on me. :(

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