Monday, November 28, 2011

Gluttony Day at Gelatissimo

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The boyfriend and I love Gelatissimo. It's our favorite gelato. I think I've mentioned Gelatissimo in some of my blogs about ice cream.

Last November 18 was Gelatissimo's third year anniversary and they were giving a 50-percent discount on their cones and cups products. It was something that the boyfriend and I wouldn't miss even if the new Forever21 was opening as well. Note: We went to the SM branch not because of F21 (but I was happy to have dropped by F21), but because the boyfriend is not much of a  fan of the Gelatissimo Ayala's service.

Anyway, we got ourselves three flavors in a cup each. Instead of paying 180 for each cup, we just  paid 90. So we decided to get two cups and we had them for a price of one. How cool is that?

I got tiramisu, green tea, and creme caramel. The boyfriend on the other hand had rock melon, lime and choco dip.

The boyfriend's rock melon, lime and choco dip.

My tiramisu, green tea and creme caramel.

One thing I like about gelato, especially Gelatissimo's, is that it's very creamy and full-flavored. You could really identify the difference from your ordinary ice cream. Although it's a bit pricey, it's worth every scoop. You can really taste the flavor instead of just the sweetness.

The boyfriend with his empty cup in hand.

I wish every day was Gelatissimo's anniversary. LOL. :))

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